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Sep 11 2012
at 12:45 PM
Giving Parallel Realities a spin on vinyl right now for the first time in a few years. And what a fantastic album this is ! Great tunes with some of Pats’ finest playing. I was lucky enough to see one of the bands’ shows in London in July 1990, and remember buying the record from the stall in the foyer after the show. All star band on a lovely summers evening, would be great if they could get back together to do a follow up !
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Oct 07 2012
at 1:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Couldn’t agree more. This is a MUST HAVE recording for all Group fans, especially, being among the most accessible of Pat’s outside ventures. Hancock brings a certain Lyle-esque air, but in more of an augmenting than a directly complementing way, especially with some of his darker chordal voicings that seem to lead Pat into unfamiliar territory here and there. I seem to hear shades of some future PMG songs on this album, too: "Episode D’Azur," "When We Were Free," and "Double Blind" come to mind in particular.
Sep 25 2012
at 7:51 AM
Bookmark and Share naut-Now that’s a parallel reality!
Sep 24 2012
at 5:41 PM
Bookmark and Share hman01, in a parallel reality, I’m playing bass with Pat & McLaughlin on guitar, Chick and Keith on keys, and Jack on drums. Jaco’s standing in the wings off-stage, slack-jawed with amazement at my playing...hehe
Sep 23 2012
at 2:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Could it be that this band is still playing in a "Parallel Reality"?
Sep 21 2012
at 3:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Not to brag, but I was there: the Academy of Music in Philly - still have my stub. They stopped about halfway through to change tapes or something, and DeJohnette was showing off his wild shirt; Herbie started playing A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody. A great night!
Sep 20 2012
at 5:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Most of Parallel Realities fans are probably aware of this, but there is an available DVD entitled Dejonnette, Hancock, Holland, Metheny in Concert that is not to be missed. Check it out.
Sep 17 2012
at 11:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes it is an exceptional quality recording. I’ve just had my Linn record deck serviced and I was stunned by how fantastic and clear this album sounded when I played it the other day.
Sep 17 2012
at 1:46 AM
Bookmark and Share PR Live is excellent too. One helluva quartet on some great tunes.
Tom Rudd
Sep 12 2012
at 12:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Great Great album. Love everything about it. Seems to be recorded exceptionally well. A follow up would be awesome!
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