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Aug 29 2012
at 12:03 AM
Just a note to thank Pat and everyone involved for the most life changing week of my life. Everything was so far beyond my expectations. Pat, Larry and Antonio gave their alls to this. Pat is as inspiring as a teacher as he is as a player (which is of course a monumental compliment given how great his playing is). He wrote a 45 minute suite for us to play that was brilliant and should absolutely be the base for his next album in my opinion. I can’t stop singing it in my head. The food and the accomodations were first class and the fact that Pat paid for all of this out of his own pocket after the NGW went bankrupt is something that will probably go down in history as one of the nicest things any artist has ever done. I am still coming down from this, but I hope I never fully do. Thanks again and I hope I can do this again someday.
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Sep 03 2012
at 6:27 PM
Bookmark and Share I figure there’s always been a positive feedback loop between the breadth and depth of Pat’s playing and the incredible amount of dedication he puts in, year after year. Clearly he lives for the music, and the music lives in him.
Sep 03 2012
at 6:36 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s great that Pat’s prepared to spend time with this, he seems to have incredible energy. In the midst of a pretty huge tour as usual. Does he never say ’right, I’m off to Barbados for a fortnight - not bringing the guitar’? But Pat being Pat, I reckons he picks up stuff from these kinds of sessions, whatever the competence level of the attendees, it’s possible to learn off each other always.
Sep 01 2012
at 8:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Hear hear, blisterfree.
Aug 31 2012
at 11:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I seem to recall a wise man with a full Pat-like head of hair once said that there are no mistakes, only happy accidents and butterflies. I’m sure most of them had the time of their lives, regardless.
Aug 30 2012
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share i remember when on both recording sessions the ensemble effed up a very simple 2 chord change , wich left me very disappointed and bummed out.
Aug 29 2012
at 7:11 PM
Bookmark and Share the pat and the trio part were great his composition was of course great, but the ensemble playing overall was a real letdown, everyone to loud not listening mainly guitar players, a real bummer though that doesn’t diminish the other great things like the trio for two nights and the master classes.
Aug 29 2012
at 11:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Jazzbox. Can you give us any details? Any great tips from Pat? I wish I could have gone, I just couldnt afford it. It must have been something else. And probably unlikely to happen again. Im glad you had a great time. What an opportunity.
Tom Rudd
Aug 29 2012
at 7:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds like truely wonderful experience. Kudos for Pat and his generosity!
Aug 29 2012
at 6:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for sharing this. Attending something like this would be a dream come true. Enjoy the memories and of course, keep practicing.
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