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SUBJECT: No reviews from Newport? Back to Subjects
Aug 11 2012
at 12:27 PM
I was really hoping to see a review from the Newport show. I know many of you went - how come no review?
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Aug 18 2012
at 10:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks everyone who attended the Newport show. I will be seeing them in San Francisco and LA - can’t wait!
Aug 18 2012
at 6:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Didn’t see the Newport show, but I was right up front, at the Alexandria show. I noticed that Pat has a really great smile. He seems to enjoy the music as much as we do.
Aug 18 2012
at 12:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow - 17 songs! Can’t wait to hear this band delve that deep into the back catalog, sounds like.
Rob B in CT
Aug 18 2012
at 12:16 PM
Bookmark and Share 3nnnnnnn: Sounds like fun to have a side-stage view of Pat at Newport. Pat’s been relying on Carolyn for a lot of years, and she really works hard at it. Must have been interesting to watch Frisell’s reaction to Pat’s set.
Aug 17 2012
at 7:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Agree that the show was great. Had the good fortune to get a pass to see the show from the side of the stage (on the second level of some scaffolding). It was really cool to see Pat that close up and to see him working all the guitars and controls. The band was on and played a great set,hitting a good selection from Unity Band. Also got to see Bill Frisell two times the same day, once doing the music of John Lennon and once with the Bad Plus doing lots of Paul Motian tunes. Capped off by seeing Bill watching Pat from backstage. It was also neat to see how hard Carolyn works in the background to make sure Pat’s many guitars are tuned and ready to go.
Aug 17 2012
at 3:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Rob I was also at the Caramoor show. Really enjoy this band live. I was wondering is there some way of posting/sending me the setlist of the Caramoor show. Like to see how many I got right? I got 17 tunes? And the band play for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Rob B in CT
Aug 15 2012
at 7:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Newport reinforced my belief that the Unity Band album and group is among my favorite projects by Pat during the past 20 years. The compositions really shine in performance, and the band plays at a level and with a joy that rivals PMG concerts. In particular, Chris Potter plays with an energy and creativity that make his tribute to Michael Brecker very fitting. The Newport setlist was much the same as what the Unity Band played at the Caramoor festival the week prior, minus the duo features in order to fit the 90-minute constraint. The band’s performance was great at both shows, and the audiences responded enthusiastically. The Unity Band ended a great Saturday at Newport which among many highlights included Bill Frisell’s band presenting the music of John Lennon (more convincingly than on the album), Romero Lumambo’s Brazilian guitar supporting Diane Reeves’ vocals, and Pedrito Martinez leading a percussion and fun-filled Latin group.
Aug 13 2012
at 8:49 PM
Bookmark and Share The show was great. Other great music before the Unity Band came on also (Jack Dejohnette Group, Joe Lovano/Dave Douglas) Great day! Looking forward to the show in Boston in October!
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