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Aug 10 2012
at 9:42 AM
I know there were a few Garagers there last night who are probably going to post, but I wanted to give my take on the show. One word-tremendous. Great mix of new cd and standards.Also to note was the singing of happy birthday twice for Pat’s upcoming big day and the lightning show in the background that were nice touches.And it was beautiful outdoor venue. Hope they bring Pat back there again. Cheers
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Aug 27 2012
at 6:48 PM
Bookmark and Share At Lowell last month the band played the main theme from Two Folk Songs to an enthusiastic crowd response.
Aug 26 2012
at 9:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey guys: just read an interview with Pat on the AAJ website & he says the Unity Band might play some stuff from "80/81" during the Concert Tour. Can anyone confirm & if so, which tune(s)? Thanks
Aug 13 2012
at 10:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Just to clarify, the background water was courtesy of Longwood Gardens,not part of the normal show. But the stage lights were great on their own.
Aug 13 2012
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share HAMBONE-Now you really got me wanting to get to a show.Pat always has some neat lighting to go along with the great music.Maybe I’ll just have to go to Atlanta on October 7th,if he doesn’t get down here to Florida.
Aug 13 2012
at 9:14 AM
Bookmark and Share Another great highlight was the dancing water in the background during the encore lit in red to match the stage lights. Very cool.
Aug 11 2012
at 8:33 PM
Bookmark and Share This show was one of the best sounding outdoor concerts. I hope Pat considers doing a live version of this cd after the tour ends. I loved the Signals composition. This was a highlight.
Aug 11 2012
at 3:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Very cool setting for a show complete with a tour of light installations throughout the gardens and a fountain show behind the band for the encore. Enjoyed the variety. All in all, a terrific performance and a great venue (as long as the weather cooperates). So thrilled to have gone...fourth row seats too! I liked some of the tunes from the Unity Band release much better live. Hope there will be some live recordings that become available. Now I await the release of the Orchestrion video!
Aug 11 2012
at 8:17 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree it was a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fantastic place to see Pat,surrounded by tall foliage in an old style stone ampitheatre. The lightning in the distance made an interesting touch. I enjoyed some of the songs live more so then from the album. It was definitely a great show.
Aug 10 2012
at 8:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Longwood Gardens....smokin show..I have several of Chris Potters cd’s but he was just unbelievable last night..the whole band just tore the canopy roof off the stage there!
Aug 10 2012
at 7:49 PM
Bookmark and Share The Longwood Gardens show was great. Pat never disappoints, no matter what the configuration. I feel really fortunate to have seen it. They were amazing together, really working hard, but seemed to be having fun too. Chris Potter has some chops! Pat’s second encore was great and had the extra ambiance of a cricket chorus in the background. Nice open venue!
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