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Aug 07 2012
at 6:26 AM
I am leaving this morning to take the 6.5 hour drive to the Philly area to visit a friend. The highlight of our time together going to the Pat show at Longwood Gardens on Thursday.After reading everyone’s posts on shows..looking forward to it.
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Aug 08 2012
at 3:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Can’t make this one. Everyone enjoy!
Tom Rudd
Aug 08 2012
at 9:46 AM
Bookmark and Share No better feeling than heading out to a Metheny concert. Have a great time Peter! Let us know how it was.
Aug 08 2012
at 8:06 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be there. Let’s hope for dry weather and hot music!
Aug 07 2012
at 4:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Enjoy, Peter!
Aug 07 2012
at 1:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I will be at the Longwood Gardens show too. Hope its a good one!
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