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SUBJECT: Any news about Orchestrion DVD and Soundtrack? Back to Subjects
Aug 06 2012
at 9:16 PM
Has anyone heard of an update yet?
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Sep 23 2012
at 2:58 PM
Bookmark and Share GIMMEE GIMMEE !!!
Sep 20 2012
at 12:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I HAVE ONE.... saw pat in sf last night. The vender guy just took them out of the box WOWWW...
Sep 20 2012
at 11:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Official release date is Oct.9, but they were selling it at the show last night in San Francisco’s Yoshi’s. I am hoping this means the release date has been moved up.
Sep 16 2012
at 7:34 AM
Bookmark and Share In a recent interview I read, he said the CD would be coming out in January.
Sep 15 2012
at 9:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Is there any information if the soundtrack would be coming out before the end of the year? Cannot wait for this one and the wonderful improvisation track.
Sep 14 2012
at 7:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Any day now. Can’t wait.
fran d
Sep 10 2012
at 7:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the info Tom and "the hague". Much appreciated!
Tom Rudd
Sep 10 2012
at 9:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey Fran, Yes there was a posting On FB that the 3D Blue Ray will play 2D in a Blue Ray player.
Sep 10 2012
at 5:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Will get the Blue Ray versiion, but would also like a digital copy to play on my iPad ... does anyone know if it will be available thru iTunes?
Sep 10 2012
at 4:16 AM
Bookmark and Share I understood the Bluray disc also plays 3D and is playable in any Bluray player. Of course the 3D layer can ony be accessed when your player is capable to play 3D.
fran d
Sep 09 2012
at 7:49 PM
Bookmark and Share I see it listed for the Blue Ray disc is sometimes just listed as Blue Ray and others that it is Blue Ray 3D. I don’t have 3D but would like Blue-Ray. Does the one Blue-Ray DVD play on any Blue-Ray player without 3D if that is what your DVD player is capable of reproducing??? Don’t want to buy the wrong one. Have no interest in investing in 3D equipment at this time; if ever.
Sep 02 2012
at 6:30 AM
Bookmark and Share If this DVD has alot of quick edits between cameras every 5 seconds, I will be upset. Pat fans do have an attention span!
Aug 31 2012
at 11:28 AM
Bookmark and Share I pre-ordered the Blu-ray on Thursday! Really interested in the features. I hope they go into the tech of the Orchestrion in some detail. I have a 3D Blu-ray player, but not the TV yet. This release might finally push me to pick up on of those sets. I saw the Orchestrion live and recently saw the Uunity Band with a small setup from the Orchestrion. Its truly wicked stuff to electronically trigger acoustic instruments in real time with the touch and dynamics! Can’t wait till October.
Aug 31 2012
at 9:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Don’t get carried away now, it’s only the new Pat Metheny DVD, lol.
Aug 30 2012
at 4:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Pre-ordering has now started.
Aug 24 2012
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share blisterfree, if the dvd is anything like what the live concert was, it will be great.I wasn’t a big fan of the live version of Stranger inTown PMG did on the WLH tour but the Orchestrion version was a perfect fit.
Aug 23 2012
at 9:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Stranger in Town is such a natural fit for the orchestrion treatment. I was just listening to this PMG classic today and thinking how the melody and arrangement is just perfect for the format, with intricate 16th-note harmonized melodies of the sort those robotic gizmos would excel at. And then there’s that cool bit of overdubbed "rounds" playing near the end, minus the need for overdubs now, I imagine. Really looking forward to hearing and seeing how it all turned out.
Aug 20 2012
at 9:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I am really looking forward to both the DVD and soundtrack. I am really glad that Pat is including the improvisation composition on both. I spoke to him at the Keswick last year after the show and told him how much I enjoy it and that it should be available in a future release. It is one of the most vibrant pieces of music that I have ever heard. Thanks again Pat.
Aug 18 2012
at 7:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Release date in Europe will be September 21.
Aug 10 2012
at 12:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Last week was in an electronic’s store and they had a demo dvd playing on this 60" high def tv and I’m standing there and I here Stranger In Town playing and I look at the tv and it’s Pat playing with the Orchestrion ... it was from the upcoming DVD ... excellent quality - can’t wait ... I tried to talk several salesman into selling a copy of the demo disc, but of course they adv’d it was "not for sale" - oh well ...
Tom Rudd
Aug 09 2012
at 9:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Amazon has it listed for an Oct 9th Release. Yay! Everyone has waited a long time for this!
Tom Rudd
Aug 09 2012
at 5:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Actually I did not write that post. It was someones Post from a couple month ago that I copied and pasted.
Aug 08 2012
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Tom, don’t understand your post of a sound track for Orchestrion. wouldn’t a soundtrack be redundant? same as the studio recording or that of the DVD. enlighten me please. too much hot sun on the head.
Aug 08 2012
at 10:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Here is says September 25th 2012: Note the Duran Duran dvd cover, lol.
Aug 07 2012
at 8:01 PM
Bookmark and Share OCTOBER 9TH RELEASE....
Tom Rudd
Aug 07 2012
at 10:47 AM
Bookmark and Share This is the last I heard from a Post a few months ago. Hope it’s true.The Orchestrion Project Spectacular news. This evening i listened to the radio broadcast Jazzfip, france They had a long interview with special guest Pat !!!!! He talked about the orchestrion dvd after they played "expansion". It will be released in the fall AND there will also be a soundtrack album of this project released by nonesuch in January.Finally i hope
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