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Aug 06 2012
at 7:59 PM
Could not get off work to make Newport so I was very happy Pat made one of his Long Island appearances on Sun. I concur with all previous reviews. I’ve been following Pat forever and attending his concerts in all forms for 2o yrs and can’t fathom how his skills and energy just keep increasing. I must admit, before concerts I wondered in the past if I’d notice any mellowing on Pat’s solos. A previous post put it perfectly when they stated that "Pat totally ripped it up on ROOFDOGS". I was blown away. Pat was rockin’ as hard and as long as I’ve ever seen. He seemed so inspired to be playing with the group he’s assembled for this tour. All the guys played on another level. It was my first time seeing Chris Potter and I’ve never seen such blowing...what lungs, what stones! Of all the rhythm sections Pat has toured with, and there have been a great many, the combo of Antonio & Ben are my favorite and could be argued to be the best. Listening to the cd repeatedly for the past several months I was blown away with Antonio on the recording more than any other and seeing him play these tunes live was oh so much better! I opine his connection with Pat is tighter than any drummer Pat has played with. Song selection was awesome, the finest cuts from Unity Band along with some great selections from the past that were quite apropos considering the presence of the sax. So happy to hear the encore, not only my all-time favorite but a surprise considering the lack of Lyle’s synth. Looking so forward to the second go round at Town Hall in October!
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Aug 08 2012
at 6:37 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree, the show was phenomenal - as usual for a Pat concert. His talent and diversity never cease to amaze me. I saw Chris Potter 20 years ago in a group called the Jazz Mentality and he was awesome then, but now I can clearly see why he and Pat connected after hearing and seeing them perform together.
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