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SUBJECT: Unity Band - Berklee 10/14 Back to Subjects
Aug 06 2012
at 5:22 PM
Anyone else notice the pre-sale tickets now available for Berklee? Can’t quite believe I managed to score front-row center seating this afternoon. After seeing the Unity Band in Lowell last week, I’m beyond elated to catch the final show of the tour in such fine style. Who else is going?
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Aug 13 2012
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Just got 1st row center!!! Everything’s negotiable. Can’t wait for the show.
fran d
Aug 10 2012
at 4:00 PM
Bookmark and Share @brackf: Great experience for you! I too have followed Pat since late 70’s, as a fan, not a stalker! LOL @Tom Rudd: Only time I saw Pat at Berklee was last tour he did w/ Gary Burton on that GB Quartet tour a few years ago. Excellent venue, as I know you already know, that! :-)
Aug 10 2012
at 12:41 PM
Bookmark and Share You folks are in for a real treat. I caught the show in Annoplis, MD the night before the Lowell show. He did 2 nights at the Rams Head Tavern, seats appox. 200. Amazing talent. I have been following Pat since the late 70’s and its incrediable how much better his playing gets. His phrasing on solos just sings. He was very intense at this show and played straight for 2 hours. I hung around after the show to try to get a photo autographed that I took in 1979, I have the actual ticket stub also. Paid $4.99. He came by and said he would be right back and got caught up. He did get an equipment guy to come over and get my photo to sign. I was hoping to talk with him for a few. Anyway got my photo signed. I later saw him leaving the back of the Tavern with, it looked like carry out trays with some food. He just walked down to the hotel where they were staying. No I didnt stalk him. Incredible music, this group kicks as$percent. Enjoy
Tom Rudd
Aug 10 2012
at 11:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice Fran!, I don’t ever recall seeing Pat perform at BPC. Do you guys rmember any past shows there?
fran d
Aug 09 2012
at 8:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Just got 5th row center!! Can’t wait.
Tom Rudd
Aug 07 2012
at 6:29 AM
Bookmark and Share Just scored 2nd Row Center, It’s going to be a great show!
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