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Aug 04 2012
at 6:42 AM
Just an absolutely incredible performance. Everyone’s playing was off the charts. Very inspirational. Played lots from the new CD and some other stuff as well. Now it’s off to Newport to see it again!
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Aug 13 2012
at 8:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Fran d - Will be in Orchestra Center Row D.
Aug 10 2012
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I caught the concert the night before this show in Annapolis, MD. He did 2 nights at the Rams Head Tavern approx 220 seats. I agree he was incrediable. I have been following Pat since the late 70’s and been to 14 different concerts. It’s amazing how he gets better each time. His phrasing on solos just sings. I stayed around after and got him to autograph a photo I took from a 1979 concert. Way cool. Enjoy the future shows.
fran d
Aug 09 2012
at 8:19 PM
Bookmark and Share akakak: Just bought 2 tickets for Berklee, tonight. Orchestra Row E (5)just slightly left of center!!
Aug 08 2012
at 8:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Fran d - Nice meeting you as well. Great show on Friday and at Newport also. Looking forward to the show at the Berklee Performance Center in October. Will see you there.
fran d
Aug 06 2012
at 8:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice to meet you and your friends in Lowell, akakak! It was an excellent concert, although a little shorter than usual. Probably because they had to be in Newport for an afternoon concert the following day. Hope you had a Great Time in Newport! Maybe I will run into you guys at Berklee, in Oct.
Aug 04 2012
at 12:20 PM
Bookmark and Share I couldn’t believe the way Pat ripped it up on Roofdogs last night! Really, all the guys were in top form with so much energy and creativity just flowing from start to finish. Now looking forward to Storrs CT in October!
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