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SUBJECT: Unity Band Annapolis - Best Ever Metheny Back to Subjects
Aug 02 2012
at 9:39 AM
I have been following Metheny for more than 30 years, going back to his first appearance with Gary Burton at the Left Bank Jazz Society in the 70’s. I have seen hundreds of jazz concerts over that time of all types. The performance I attended last night in Annapolis ranks in the top tier of any performance I have seen including all of the greats in this music. For 2 1/2 hours Pat put on a set of music that was full of surprises and intensity and just fantastic music. With Chris Potter he has found his perfect foil and this rhythm section has to be heard to be believed. Metheny himself was beyond description. I have to admit being sometimes discouraged with what I hear after years of hearing the best of the best. But this was as good as it gets. I will be back for more down in Virgina next week. This is worth the trip. Bill
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Aug 02 2012
at 10:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Bill, your years of experience and obvious taste for good music give creedance to your report.I also go back to the white album tour in 78 and the more I listen to the Unity Band the more excited I get for their arrival in Longwood Garden next week. I anticipate something special.
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