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SUBJECT: Unity Band 7/30/12 Englewood NJ Back to Subjects
Aug 01 2012
at 2:07 PM
This was an incredible night of music. I have seen Pat in various configurations since 1983. Monday at BergenPAC was one of the best shows - and it surprised me a little. I knew the various band members were great in their own right and figured they would be great together - as they are on the Unity Band cd. What I had not expected was how they would gel and take it through the roof with intensity. Smiles from the band members seemed to say ’did we just do that?!’ Multiple standing ovations and cheers from the audience bore witness that, yes, indeed, it did happen. And we are all the better for it. Hope you can get to see this band live at some point. Thanks again to Pat and the Band.
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Aug 10 2012
at 12:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I talked with Ben after the concert in Annapolis, MD and asked him how they handle playing like that night after night. He said he’s not really sure but can’t wait to play the next night. I asked him if his chops have improved with this tour and said "are you kidding me so much better, I’ve also had my butt kicked a time or two." Great guy and great player.
Aug 07 2012
at 1:49 PM
Bookmark and Share I will see the Unity Band on Thursday at Longwood Gardens near Philly. Can’t wait. Will post comments about show on Friday. I am hoping they are laying out the tunes and going new places.
Aug 04 2012
at 7:28 AM
Bookmark and Share You guys who are attending Newport today will have to give us a good review. I was planning on going until 2 weeks ago when we booked my daughter on a flight to come up and visit...have to drive to Logan today instead, but thought it was the only good excuse for missing Newport. Love these reviews!
Aug 02 2012
at 8:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Lowell on Friday night - yes indeed. Newport on Saturday is too early for me though (11am?). Begs the longstanding question: Just how does Pat do it?
Aug 02 2012
at 11:31 AM
Bookmark and Share That’s great new Seadog. I was wondering if Pat was ever going to circle back to the PMG. Here’s an idea, how about incorporating some of the orchestrion and a reed player into the next line-up? Just a thought, or wishful thinking...
Aug 02 2012
at 10:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow, between reading this and the other reviews I can’t wait for Newport on Saturday. The reviews seem to be over the top on this tour. Hoping for maybe a litte magic on Saturday since Frisell will be doing his John Lennon Songbook and Jack D will be in the house. Maybe a little sit-in? Who knows. Just read an interesting interview with Pat at the TribLive website. Here’s a very exciting tidbit from Pat and the interviewer, "It is part of Metheny’s ever-changing look at music. While he has been doing concerts in various forms, he says he still is looking to some upcoming work with his well-known Pat Metheny Group. ”That will be the next project,” he says. “I am still developing the concept of where I am going to take it this time.” Looks like the journey continues in 2013...
Aug 02 2012
at 6:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the impression of the show! Will see this tomorrow in Lowell MA and then Saturday at Newport - Can’t Wait!
Tom Rudd
Aug 02 2012
at 5:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow! Sounds tremendous. Catching the very last show of the tour at the BPC in Boston, can’t wait!
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