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SUBJECT: Two South Florida PMT gigs! Back to Subjects
Mar 23 2011
at 11:32 AM
Hi everyone, looks like we are all still here! Had the chance to travel down and see Pat for two shows the last two nights. Both incredible, but last nights show at the Univ. of Miami was especially great. The main highlight for me is just how inspiring it is to hear a musician at the total top of his game as Pat is right now. There is a clear mastery at work there that just is rare to see in any form and that was especially evident last night. And the same goes for Antonio Sanchez. Their rapport is really special. But also, look out for Ben Williams! He is a new musician on the scene but seems to be the next great bassist out there. He reminded me of Christian McBride but more modern? He was very impressive. Apparently Pat gave a master class earlier in the day and I was lucky to be seated next to two students who just could not stop talking about it and gave me a rundown on the subjects Pat talked about. The night before in Davie was also nice but the U of M show will go down as one of the best ever for me. I also enjoyed seeing the Obama t-shirt that Ben was wearing at the Davie show! (ha ha....) Hope you all are well. I miss our discussions in the Garage!
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s in Boston
Mar 29 2011
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Been meaning to thank you for this little review. I was hoping those shows would generate more buzz here . . . . Were there some new tunes? Did Pat say anything intriguing about upcoming projects?
Tom Rudd
Mar 24 2011
at 11:38 AM
Bookmark and Share I didn’t realize that there wa a U of Miami show. Was that a show just added that wasn’t listed on the tour dates?
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