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Jul 04 2012
at 5:53 AM
Hi There My first Metheny show was the Way Up at Hammersmith Apollo in London. At the time i’d only just started exploring Pat’s music, and so i didn’t know every tune that they played. I DO however remember Lone Jack, James, Last Train Home, Are You Going With Me, Roots of Coincidence and Minuano....but as the show was nearly 3 hrs or so i figure there must have been a bunch more. Just curious if anyone was at that show, or if there was a general setlist that was always played?? Cheers. Matt.
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Jul 06 2012
at 4:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Wonder if we will ever hear First Circle live again. Way Up gig was astonishing, I guess FC wouldn’t have fitted in, too many epic moments already.
Jul 06 2012
at 12:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks...i did wonder if i’d heard Always and Forever due to the obvious harmonica being present, although Secret Story was one album I hadn’t heard at the time.
Jul 05 2012
at 6:25 AM
Bookmark and Share The setlist from the Italy concert (18 June 2005) : the way up,(go)get it,james,lone jack,into the dream/are you going with me,last train home,roots,always,farmer’s trust,minuano,song for bilbao
Jul 04 2012
at 2:33 PM
Bookmark and Share In Madrid they also played, among others I don’t remember "Always and forever", "Song for Bilbao" and "Farmer’s trust"
Jul 04 2012
at 2:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Well I was there too, they played all of "The Way Up" first off, but can’t remember the rest of the set, it was the 7th time I had seen PMG, also seen Pat on three other occasions, can’t remember the set lists though, but they were all great concerts !
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