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Jul 03 2012
at 7:55 PM
I think this has been tossed around before but I really think Mas Alla is one of the best vocal performances from the PMG configuration. anyway is there a good translation to this beautiful song somewhere. I believe the song is in Portugese??
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s in Boston
Jul 09 2012
at 1:10 PM
Bookmark and Share The lyrics, with English translation, are included in the Pat Metheny song book.
mario toni
Jul 05 2012
at 8:46 AM
Bookmark and Share A classic! Especialy love Lyle’s piano intro! Ahhhh!!
Jul 05 2012
at 1:36 AM
Bookmark and Share jl- totally agree. Such emotion in Pedro’s voice. One of my favorites from PMG.
Jul 04 2012
at 6:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes I agree, beautiful tune ... I don’t know how great of a translation it is, but I found this one at "Beyond"- "Mas Alla" It’s like clouds with out sky Starts its flight the afternoon There are no shadows, it isn’t real time has vanished There are no songs to be heard... The sun burns up to its light It’s a town of ghosts So much of this afternoon will drown, will erase from my memories the morning Beyond It’s the deepest blue, Followed my steps the moon What streets will see me walk away my loneliness I don’t know if I know how to arrive but I know how to leave, pain doesn’t veil the direction How to talk to you without speaking, How to make the entire sea stay calm from the sea? Wind of an eternal summer tangling the white thread Blind-glow of January knitting back the shroud I come to be the salt, the stones, to be born of waves and algae I come to sun-rise! to wake up the day Slowly, slow...
Jul 04 2012
at 2:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi jl, try this link: The person who uploaded it has writen the lyrics ant the translation to each verse beside. It looses something with the translation, but it can work. By the way the song it is written in spanish.
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