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Mar 21 2011
at 12:23 AM
Vijay’s album ’Historicity’ is up for a Grammy .... I vote YES. I had the opportunity to see the trio in a cabaret setting at the Mondavi Center (Davis ca) .... I had a seat several feet from the drummer Marcus Gilmore, who happens to be the grandson of Roy Haynes, but also at 21, obviously has the musical talent of Roy Haynes. Vijay is maybe unique in the music academic.. Yale degree in Physics, Berkeley MS in Physics, Berkeley PhD in technology/ music. Has played every kind of music you can think of...rap, classical, etc. If you want a sample, Google ’ Vijay Iyer Galang’ . That was my favorite piece of the evening. The bass player is superb also.
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Chris Digger
Mar 22 2011
at 6:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Yep, he´s a giant! Also he has a very metric sense in his music.
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