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Jul 01 2012
at 3:51 PM
Anyone see the Unity Band yet. Any info on what the concert was like? I see they have been in Europe through this past week.
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Jul 12 2012
at 4:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Great gig at the Barbican. The band where so tight. The interplay with Pat and the other members of the band was amazing. Once again walked out after the gig a very happy chappie. Just wish i could witness this concert again. Maybe a DVD?
Jul 09 2012
at 8:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Well, saw the band last night and was Duly blown away last night. The new songs sounded great, Potter and Williams were brilliant - Potter like a kaleidoscope of great sax players, old and contemporary (no need to mention how good Pat and Antonio were). His bass clarinet added a new colour to Pat’s stuff - as did the soprano - and I’d never heard the b.c upper register played like that before. The dynamic variations and the pacing of the set were spot on, as usual with Pat. There were some real surprises along the way, one where I almost had to pinch myself. Two standing ovations. I love the way from the first chord of Pat’s acoustic you instantly leave the rest of the day behind and you enter the foliage of that beautiful and mysterious musical Metheny world. One thing about prices: this was an expensive gig - which was totally justified by the incredible musicianship and compositions. It was worth every penny. But I wondered whether whoever in London was responsible for tickets could show some imagination so that music students can attend. I know for a fact that a lot of young people who love Pat’s music could not afford to come. Don’t know what the answer is, but maybe too many tickets in the circle were top dollar. Metheny has multigenerational appeal but younger people can’t get in at these prices. But what a night...
Jul 09 2012
at 8:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, trutone, the bass line quotes A Love Supreme in the cut ’Leaving Town’ .
Chris Digger
Jul 09 2012
at 7:10 AM
Bookmark and Share yeah, Chris Potter has imparted a huge amount of inspiration of Coltrane in his playing (but also of Mike Brecker...)
Jul 09 2012
at 4:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Went to the Northsea Jazz Fest this weekend to see Pat & the Unity Band perform the new stuff. Had not heard anything from the new album but was pretty much blown away by what I heard, and saw. Stunning ! Chris Potter tore it to shreds, man can this guy blow his horn! The band performed two sets of 75 minutes with one hour break in between (which gave me a chance to see James Farm (very nice !).
Jul 08 2012
at 9:36 PM
Bookmark and Share anyone hear echoes of a love supreme in those baselines to the songs
Jul 06 2012
at 4:03 PM
Bookmark and Share So looking forward to sunday
Chris Digger
Jul 04 2012
at 6:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Superb concert in Memmingen, Germany **********! The bass of genius Ben Williams was a little bit buried in the mix, but overall killer sound. Also, Sanchez is playing on another level (saw him the last time with Gary Burton). Chris Potter has shown with beautiful tone-cascades that he is one of the best saxophon-players (for me he is my favourite). Methenys playing was as always from another star.
Jul 04 2012
at 5:30 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Pat in all duo/trio/quartet and group variations. Yesterday in Memmingen he showed one of the best performance I can remember (unfortunately also one of the shortest shows - 2 hrs). Chris Potter is an incredible good saxophone player, Antonio Sanchez is, as all of you know, a very versatile and technically fantastic drummer. Ben Williams played an inspirational bass part. But the best thing was their common performance: perfect, intuitive, sensitive and technically outstanding. Pat was in good mood (as always) and really enjoyed playing with these fantastic musicians. Beyond the new album he played older tracks ending up with an explosive guitar synth solo and a beautiful flute section by Chris Potter. David Oakes, the grey eminence who is so important for the typical Metheny sound, rounded the show providing a crystal clear sound. In summary, if you have the chance to see that extraordinary lineup, go there and enjoy.
Jul 03 2012
at 11:06 AM
Bookmark and Share I totally agree: I have been to Enghien les Bains concert (near Paris) sunday 1st of July, in very intimate place too. One of the best concerts I have seen in 30 years. Almost 3 hours, 3 encores, and a lot of surprises for Metheny fans... A pure moment of hapiness
Jul 02 2012
at 11:14 AM
Bookmark and Share I have been to Neuhardenberg, near Berlin last Monday and it was great. A very intimate setting in an old church with about 300 attending that evening. I had the best sound experience ever in a Metheny concert due to the fact sitting in first row right in the center of his two monitor speakers at the front end of the stage right in my height of ears. So it was a beatiful mix of the pa speakers and Pats monitor mix. Chris Potters playing was so tasteful. After the concert at the restaurant near the church Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez and Ben Williams signed my Unity Band CD Cover which they saw for the first time on that evening as they told me. So if You have the chance to see this quartet live, just go it is worth every cent.
Jul 02 2012
at 6:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Listened and watched concerts in Brno and Vienna. Fine! Inspired! Pat - !!! Sanchez is a magician! For the first time saw it live.
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