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Jun 25 2012
at 3:14 PM
Friday we`re off to Barcelona, where my 16 year old son will join the football tournament "Catalonya Cup". Looking forward to a couple of weeks in Spain, and my first visit in Barca. How about the rest of you people? Any big plans for the summer?
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Jul 08 2012
at 3:44 PM
Bookmark and Share We were in the Napa Valley with 9 friends over Memorial Day weekend. 2 small but highly recommended wineries: Whetstone and Quixote. Killer wines! Lots of PMG on my mp3 player made the long flights bearable.
Jul 04 2012
at 3:16 PM
Bookmark and Share We just got back from a trip to Charleston, SC. Had the CD changer loaded with PMG disks.
Jul 03 2012
at 11:04 AM
Bookmark and Share In Florence for several weeks and will be catching PMUB at Umbria Jazz in Perugia. San Francisco in August.
Jun 29 2012
at 2:28 PM
Bookmark and Share My wife took her mom and aunt shopping.I’m home with the dog,which is just the way I like it.Dunner or Claiborne? I’ll let them decide.Think we’ll go watch some Springer.
Jun 28 2012
at 3:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Every day is a holiday and vacation when I listen to Metheny’s music... :)
Jun 27 2012
at 3:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Just came back from Venice, Italy. Will be in Dublin, Ireland in September. That’s probably it for this year. Bali, Indonesia in January.
Jun 27 2012
at 2:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Tofino, BC...Pacific Northwest surfing at it’s finest.
Jun 27 2012
at 7:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Planning on catching Metheny, Jack DeJohnette, etc. at the Newport Jazz Festival in August. Other than that, hoping to get back to the coast of Georgia to see family and friends.
Jun 26 2012
at 4:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Already done it. 2 weeks in Andalucia, Spain. Sevilla (where we caught Seville Jazz Fest with Yellowjackets featuring Felix Pastorius on bass), Tarifa, Ronda, El Rocio. Fantastic food, weather, culture. Cheers John
Jun 26 2012
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share A week at the beach should do it...Hampton Beach old school boardwalk, music at the concert shell each evening.
Jun 26 2012
at 9:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Going on a Caribbean cruise with my lovely wife in July.Hopefully dodge all the storms!
Jun 25 2012
at 7:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I had mine a few day ago. I went to Dawson City in the Yukon and Alaska. I panned for gold and rode a cool train along the gold rush route.
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