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SUBJECT: SPYRO GYRA - Favourite Album? Back to Subjects
Chris Digger
Jun 25 2012
at 9:03 AM
There is a huge catalog of releases. What are the highlights? Older or Newer ones?
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Jun 29 2012
at 5:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Catching the Sun is amazing. Listen to the guitarrist Chet Catallo.
Jun 28 2012
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw them in 78 with Natalie Cole and George Benson. Other than the first 2 albums I really didn’t follow them much afterwards. But they had a nice, light sound for the day.
mario toni
Jun 27 2012
at 10:52 AM
Bookmark and Share @Peterw Yeah, there are lots of albums from that period (end of 70s-beginning of 80s) with brecker on. Tom Browne, Claus Ogerman, Parliament... I know I have them more but can’t tell 4 sure since my cd’s are 100km from me right now! Morning Dance and the 1st album are also great but "FF" is my favourite (as I said) ;)! Cheers!
Jun 26 2012
at 7:19 AM
Bookmark and Share My favorite is Morning Dance, followed closely by the first "self-titled album". Many people don’t realize it but Morning Dance features other studio musicians on solos on the album. Both Michael and Randy Brecker are on it.There very first album features some real hidden gems many people never heard. I believe I still have both of these on Vinyl.
mario toni
Jun 26 2012
at 12:51 AM
Bookmark and Share For me, "Fast Forward" has always been their best album! Ripps? Yeah, they are my personal kitch! ;) newer stuff is not good (except "20th Anniversary"). But older stuff like "St. James" ,"Curves Ahead" or "Weekend in Monaco" is nice! ;)
Jun 25 2012
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share I’d say the first two or three. The rest is just a rehash over and over.
Jun 25 2012
at 11:35 AM
Bookmark and Share i started out a fan of SG when they released Morning Dance. was fortunate enough to see them a couple of times over the years. have lost touch with the group. the albums i feel are their best include their first, Morning Dance, and the follow-up Catching The Sun. i guess these were fresh when released. they still sound good today too. other albums i found to be quite good were Stories Without Words and Alternating Currents. haven’t heard or listed to any "newer" releases lately though. i think i lost touch with the band when they started to sound too "cool jazzy". i’m also a big fan of the Rippingtons however, their new stuff lacks something the early albums had. don’t know if the newer stuff lacks the depth and intricacy of the older records or something else. any other Rips fans here?
Jun 25 2012
at 9:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Breakout.Love the song Bob goes to the store,had a cool video for it also.
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