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SUBJECT: WGBH Cutting Jazz Programming Back to Subjects
s in Boston
Jun 20 2012
at 3:49 PM
This sucks - sorry for the long link -
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Jul 19 2012
at 8:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Check out KCSM. We are very lucky here in Northern California. 24-7-365,jazz, no news, classical music or ads. Listener supported. DJ’s are extremely knowledgable.
Tom Rudd
Jul 18 2012
at 8:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the tip, I’ll have a listen. Every city should have something like this.
Jul 18 2012
at 8:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Sad to hear another jazz station is shutting down. It’s really a testament to the lack of interest in the country to real music.I remember when I was younger(and showing my age)when jazz was mixed into the playlists on many AM stations. But Philly has one that is still going strong, WRTI, from Temple U. They just changed a few years ago to classical during the day and jazz at night. I donate to them every year and hope the few remaining jazz stations in the US are supported enough to continue on so future generations can hear the great sounds.
Jul 17 2012
at 1:23 PM
Bookmark and Share As true jazz programming fails in several markets, KMHD 89.1 out of Portland, Oregon is a worldwide accessible jazz station that will not disappoint too many people........streaming online......great dee jays and great programming..... A
Jul 14 2012
at 8:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry to hear guys
Jul 14 2012
at 3:48 PM
Bookmark and Share WICN out of Worcester MA and on the web still offers jazz programming albeit a weaker signal.
Jul 14 2012
at 3:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Music is being assaulted on all sides...try to make an album or sell it,let alone get it played on air...sirius xm and the cloud are not the answer...Pandora? A new model needs to be in place or all we will have is the top 10 LMFAO/Beiber/Usher twilight zone . Boston has taken a big hit on this one..Eric has offered a wonderful evening show for nearly a generation. Ron Della Chiesa is gone. I still miss Robert J Lurtsema and his 7am chirping birds quiet, slow motion opening segment.
Jul 13 2012
at 9:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Just another example, methinks, of modern culture forfeiting (or being robbed of) the wonders and insights of the right brain on behalf of the self-important, totalitarian left. Looks like news shows will replace jazz programming during the weeknight slots.
Tom Rudd
Jun 22 2012
at 9:11 AM
Bookmark and Share This is a terrible thing.. .But it doesn’t surprise me.. Thats why it’s so important to educate young people about jazz, Talk to them about it, tell them who to listen to, and if given the chance play them some of you favorite artists. And most importantly take them to a jazz show/concert.
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