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Mar 20 2011
at 10:57 AM
You have to admire Roy Haynes. At 86, he still has so much energy. I saw him last night at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston with his quartet. The other members of the quartet were young musicians, who I am not familiar with and were excellent. Roy played amazing drums. Great night!
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Mar 21 2011
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Roy is amazing, at any age. I saw him during his Birds of a Feather tour in 02 and he had the energy of a 20 year old drummer. Truly one of the greatest ever.
Mar 21 2011
at 10:58 AM
Bookmark and Share What a great story. I can see Pat in 30 yrs still having that youthful energy and playing well too. He’s a few years older than me but I can only hope to still be around to witness it.
Mar 20 2011
at 11:49 PM
Bookmark and Share I have a great memory of Roy, just a youngster at 81 presenting at the Mondavi Center in Davis Ca. He is a unique drummer, not afraid to up the tempo and improve the rhythm. For instance, the Question and Answer album. Anyways, getting back to his age, he gets up after the concert, thanks the audience, and then proceeds to complain that the bars in Davis close too early and where are the women at night?? Classic Roy!!
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