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Jun 13 2012
at 5:34 PM
Unity Band. What do you think? Killer synth solo on "Signals." Antonio amazing throughout. I like it, a lot. Top notch Pat album.
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Jul 12 2012
at 7:57 AM
Bookmark and Share As one of the lucky few who have seen the gig, I’d say these songs sound even more dynamic live. Breakdealer kills; Potter is so lyrical throughout - check out his soloing on Interval Waltz. I hear Steve Reich too on Signals.
Jul 11 2012
at 9:33 PM
Bookmark and Share I really enjoy this composition and it reminds me of the Orchestrion and I hope the DVD and soundtrack will be coming out this year.I read an article about the soundtrack which I hope includes the wonderful improvised piece which is one of my favorites. Anyone hear an update on this info?
Jul 10 2012
at 7:58 PM
Bookmark and Share "Signals" sounds like a nod to Steve Reich...
Jun 27 2012
at 7:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Yossarian - I’ve been thinking the same thing re: Antonio. He definitely seems to be cutting loose more on this one, at least to my ears anyway.
Jun 26 2012
at 10:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Antonio on fire. Interesting how he’s been well and truly let off his leash... not that he needed much encouragement. I love Potter’s playing - massive vocabulary and lovely Bob Bergish sound on the heads, not quite as dark. Ben sounds great too... it’s got a vibe that’s an extension of the last trio album and Quartet. A little shot of Lyle wouldn’t have gone amiss though... just the odd shard of his genious could have added colour.
mario toni
Jun 22 2012
at 4:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Well, after a slightly boring What’s it All About, this album is very very good. The more I listen to it the more I like it! There are really some connections with 80/81 here and there.
s in Boston
Jun 19 2012
at 5:33 PM
Bookmark and Share mikem132, please note, you can purchase the CD right here at this website . . . also at the Nonesuch site.
Jun 19 2012
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Just got the Unity Band CD..listened to it 3 times now. It really grows on me hearing something new each time. The band is tight..the chemistry is amazing. So excited to see Unity Band in small venue at the Rams Head Tavern, Annapolis, MD...seats approx. 200. Can’t wait.
Jun 19 2012
at 12:39 PM
Bookmark and Share hey DSOP, gone are the days of concert tix costing 20 bucks! guess ticket prices were fixed when the Eagles started their When Hell Freezes Over tour. with ticket prices i guess it’s The Way Up.
Jun 19 2012
at 12:17 PM
Bookmark and Share First impressions after a second listen, it’s very good but not gteat. I like the sax/guitar interplay and Potter is excellant. But compositionally I liked the Mehldau/Metheny cds better. I do think this line-up will make for an awesome live show with some great solos and improv. So far New Year, Come and See and Breakdealer stand out to me.
Jun 19 2012
at 8:35 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve seen Pat on his last 3 or 4 tours, and he has been selling his solo and group discs at the shows (also hats and shirts). So I would say yes; new disc for sale on this tour.
Jun 18 2012
at 4:30 PM
Bookmark and Share anybody know if they are selling the CD at concerts? You can get all but one track on Zune Pass; Amazon has CD for 10 bucks but I’ve heard Amazon keeps all the money. Rather buy it direct at concert if they sell it. Seeing them end of July.
Jun 16 2012
at 11:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m diggin’ the record, but I’m not diggin’ the price for tickets to see the band live.
Jun 15 2012
at 7:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Currently on my second listen of ’Unity Band’. An instantly accessible release with the ’top of the tree’ musicianship that we have come to expect from Pat and his collaborators. ’Then And Now’ is an early favourite but I know that my list of favourites will grow with each listen. Excellent work Mr. Metheny, a privilege to listen.
Jun 14 2012
at 7:27 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been listening multiple times. One of Pat’s greatest recordings. Such great writing and playing. Blending the orchestrion with live players is monumental. As far as I know it never has been done before at least not to the extent that occurs here. I hear references to 8081 and in particular in a few places I can hear Charlie Haden (i.e. his way of writing), but this is different than 8081 too. It expands on 8081. Can’t wait to see them live.
Jun 14 2012
at 7:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Ummh...
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