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Jun 11 2012
at 2:09 PM
Spectacular news. This evening i listened to the radio broadcast Jazzfip, france They had a long interview with special guest Pat !!!!! He talked about the orchestrion dvd after they played "expansion". It will be released in the fall AND there will also be a soundtrack album of this project released by nonesuch in September.Finally i hope
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Jun 13 2012
at 11:51 AM
Bookmark and Share The 3D and 7.1 sound will make this an interesting DVD. Looking forward to it.
Jun 12 2012
at 1:28 PM
Bookmark and Share The link is broken. The correct link is:
Jun 12 2012
at 9:10 AM
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Tom Rudd
Jun 12 2012
at 6:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Great news! Was anything mentioned about it coming out in theatres?
Jun 12 2012
at 6:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi all Talked about Unity Band too with two pieces played. The link is
Jun 12 2012
at 4:34 AM
Bookmark and Share The piece at the end of the gigs was Sueno con Mexico from New Chautauqua.
Jun 11 2012
at 10:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the information. I hope he includes the wonderful improvisation at the end of the concert on the soundtrack. That is one of my favorite compositions, very complex and powerful.
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