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Jun 09 2012
at 10:36 PM
I am a huge Pat Metheny fan and have all of his cd’s. Also love Eberhard Weber,Brian Blade and EST. I am in need of some new music, and am hoping some of you can help me out. I sometimes like Jan Garbarek( when not too shrill), and Keith Jarrett, not his standards as much. Thanks!
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Jun 25 2012
at 4:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Good recommendation, Fred!
Jun 25 2012
at 3:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Come to Detroit Labor Day weekend for the Jazz Festival.
Jun 23 2012
at 5:35 PM
Bookmark and Share May I not-so-humbly suggest my most recent album, Since Forever, on the Naim label, featuring Paul McCandless (Oregon), Steve Rodby (PMG), and Mark Walker (Oregon). I think it will fit right in with the other music you mentioned.
Jun 22 2012
at 8:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry keri34, I see you already mentioned EST.... How about Manu Katche ’Playground’, a great album featuring Marcin Wasilewski on Piano......
Jun 22 2012
at 8:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Glad to see Tord Gustavsen getting a mention here.A pianist with a sublime touch who favours tuneful, beautifully melancholic melodies. His most recent release - Tord Gustavsen Quartet ’The Well’, features Tore Brunborg on sax, a player I rate for his ability to burn without delving into the more shrill tendencies of Garbarek. I would also recommend checking out Helge Lien Trio - ’Hello Troll’.... or there is of course a wealth of amazing music to be heard by Esbjorn Svensson Trio, ’Viaticum’ I would recommend in particular but you really can’t go wrong....
Jun 22 2012
at 7:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks so much for the recommendations everyone. Should keep me busy discovering new music!
s in Boston
Jun 19 2012
at 3:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Some good suggestions here. I would add Brad Mehldau. Also, there’s this guy named Lyle Mays whom I just can’t get enough of.
Jun 18 2012
at 4:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Check out Julian Lage - under his own band and with Gary Burton. There is a Metheny influence but only that. He’s very much a player with his own voice, is a stunning technician but gets real feel into his playing. Cheers John
Jun 16 2012
at 1:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Check out guitarist Peter Bernstein...Pat thinks very highly of him..
Jun 13 2012
at 8:17 AM
Bookmark and Share You might take a look at what Pat & other PMG mates put down on We Live Here. - Eberhard Weber early, Solstice, Oregon, Kenny Wheeler, John Abercrombie Timeless are a few more. Pleasant hunting!
Rob B in CT
Jun 11 2012
at 11:35 AM
Bookmark and Share If you like Pat’s trio material, you might enjoy ’Shebang’ by Steve Cardenas (g), Larry Grenadier (b), and Kenny Wollesen (d).
Jun 11 2012
at 9:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Try Stefano Bollani Trio "Stone In The Water".
Jun 11 2012
at 7:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Type in the name of the artist you are interested in....voila!...
Jun 11 2012
at 4:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin is -in my opinion- one of the best musical groups at the moment. I recommend you check out "Holon" and "Llyria", they’re both really something.
Jun 11 2012
at 3:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Lars Danielsson Oystein Sevag
Jun 10 2012
at 8:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Marcin Wasilewski Trio and Shakti.
Jun 10 2012
at 5:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Try - Lars Jansson (Lars Jansson Trio) - Tingvall Trio - Tord Gustavsen (!!) or for the real kick: Trio Töykeät from Finland :-) Have fun!
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