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SUBJECT: Short Review of the Unity Band album Back to Subjects
Jun 07 2012
at 10:56 AM
Already today I received my copy of this new masterpiece (thanks to Amazon, Germany). The album starts with the tune New Year. Due to the combination of an acoustic nylon string (I guess) and the sax it sounds very Spanish and relaxed. The whole album is a complete mix of all we love Pat for. More than 60 minutes of beautiful harmonies and melodies, his signature sounds of the Ibanez, the Roland GR300/G303, the Picasso, the Orchestrion, acoustic Guitars and in addition the wind section with Chris Potter and his tasteful playing. An absolute "Must have" for every fan there outside.
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From: Message:
Jun 08 2012
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, surroundman told the truth ;-) (hi Oliver!) Bought the CD today and: yes! Great music as desribed before. Highlighted by the tune "Signals": a great mix of Orchestrion, the Quartet- and the Offramp-album and reminding of the great long PMG-tunes, which evolved, climaxed and calmed down--> 11 min of great stuff here! You will be happy with this stuff. The time of waiting will be rewarded! (Sorry for humble English)
Tom Rudd
Jun 08 2012
at 6:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for the info Surroundman!
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