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Jun 05 2012
at 9:40 AM
I have see Brad Mehldau a number of times now - both solo and with the trio. With almost every concert he has included a Brian Wilson/Beach Boys song. He always says something about the genius of Brian Wilson...which I agree with. I don’t believe he has recorded any of these songs. Am I missing one?
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Jun 07 2012
at 1:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes I agree with thehague. I can hear Pat playing God Only Knows on his acoustic. Maybe on the next solo cd?....
Tom Rudd
Jun 07 2012
at 11:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Actually the new Beach Boys album is surprisingly very good, Way to go Beach Boys !
Jun 06 2012
at 2:25 AM
Bookmark and Share The new BB album ’That’s why god made the radio’ is drop dead gorgeous! Brad M. should indeed record some BW tunes. Hell, Pat should do it!
Jun 05 2012
at 8:40 PM
Bookmark and Share The original Beach Boys...or what is left of them released a new album today....sounds sweet....and very familiar.
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