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Tom Rudd
Jun 05 2012
at 6:38 AM
Might be barking up the wrong tree with this one, but are there any Brad Paisley fans here in the Garage? It blows my mind what an incredibly talented guitarist he is. Not to mention his singing and song writing skills. Check out his CD "Play"
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Jun 16 2012
at 1:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I really like the duet he did with Dolly Parton a few years back.
Jun 14 2012
at 4:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Tom i apologise for calling you Todd ! ;)
Jun 14 2012
at 4:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Todd, i dont personally know him, but were from the same part of the world give or take, check out him and his friend Emir Hot , there both a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed it.
Tom Rudd
Jun 12 2012
at 5:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey Boz, Nice playing by Muris, do you know him? As I said earlier Brad Paisley is a Monster player, Just as is Vince Gill. Good stuff, thnks for posting!
Jun 11 2012
at 5:57 AM
Bookmark and Share sorry for the previous link, there are not meant to be any spaces after the ? A nice note-for note cover as Muris explains he had no backing track so had to play it note for note. Not bad says he learnt it in a couple of hours. " v=D5Z6o2OdBow"
Jun 08 2012
at 6:01 PM
Bookmark and Share v=D5Z6o2OdBow
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