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May 30 2012
at 1:53 PM
We lost a great guitarist, Doc Watson, yesterday. Don’t know if Pat and Doc crossed paths, but it would have been pretty special if they did!
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Jun 01 2012
at 9:52 PM
Bookmark and Share It was in 1972 or 3 I think, soon after the classic "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" 3- record set was released, I saw Doc and Merle play in York, Pa. along with just about everyone else on that album...Merle Travis, the Earl Scruggs Review, Vassar Clements...and a host of others, including Norman Blake, Tony Rice, Lester Flatt, Ralph Stanley , Bill Monroe, the Dillards, Byron absolutely and unforgettably joyous experience....where the musicians jammed together on picnic tables between close that you could see the vivid detail of the pearl inlays of their guitar and banjo fretboards...I bore witness to Doc sharing a joint with a small gathering of admirers..He’s crossed that River Jordan now, and I hope to see him again someday on the other side..
Jun 01 2012
at 11:14 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes it really is a’s seems like every few months another of my teen idols passes away. RIP Doc.
Tom Rudd
May 31 2012
at 10:25 AM
Bookmark and Share One of the greatest flat-pickers that ever lived. RIP Doc
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