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May 24 2012
at 11:27 PM
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the original quartet recorded in Boston by a radio station in 78.I haven’t played it in months and I’m blown away every time I listen to it. They did a killer version of April Joy and Mark Egan tears up the bass solo. I really miss his playing with Pat from those early days. Nothing against Steve Rodby, but Mark was such a great electric bass player.Has anyone seen him perform lately? Is he touring? I’d love to see him again.
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Thomas Schneeberg
May 31 2012
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi -m, "Unity Village" is a bootleg of the "Pat Metheny Group – LIVE ON TOUR" Promo LP from 1979 (WBMS 106). Originally it it a 12" record which you can find sometimes at For more info about Pat’s recordings (legal, promo, radio shos a. o.) you can check my website ( where my Pat collection is listed. All the best from Germany! Thomas
May 29 2012
at 4:42 PM
Bookmark and Share According to Michael Franks’ website, Egan is playing with Franks on some dates. I saw him with Franks about 15 years ago and he was very good.
May 26 2012
at 7:32 PM
Bookmark and Share I last saw Mark Egan as part of Larry Coryell’s trio - and with Paul Wertico on drums. That was a couple years ago . . .
May 25 2012
at 12:19 PM
Bookmark and Share By mistake I purchased the Unity Village CD recently. It’s a live recording that was done in 1979 in the "U.S.A.". The recording seems a little uneven by todays standards but the music is fantastic and Mark Egan’s bass playing it really good imo. Some nice versions of Phase Dance and The Epic.
mario toni
May 25 2012
at 10:56 AM
Bookmark and Share yep! he’s a great bassist! I have 4 of his CD’s! as far as I know he constantly records for a lot of people (jazz and non jazz). His last album was I thing in 2008 and "As We Speak" from 2006 with Danny Gottlieb (another original PMG) and John Abercrombie is a MASTERPIECE. Check also Scott Cossu’s "Islands" CD!
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