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May 17 2012
at 1:11 PM
Just saw that there is a second CD of Bob Curnow big-band arrangements of Pat and the Group’s music. The first one was excellent, I’m sure this will be, too.
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May 29 2012
at 6:32 AM
Bookmark and Share My copy just arrived. Upon first listening...I love the arrangements....maybe not quite as strong as the first one. That being said, I am still glad I purchased it. Definitely well worth listening to.
May 28 2012
at 1:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes Yossarian, "You" a great chart.
May 26 2012
at 5:48 PM
Bookmark and Share No review, but a couple thoughts. Loved the first disc, this one not as much, because of some sonic, mixing, and intonation issues. The tune choices are great, as most of the cuts are from "Speaking Of Now". What a formidable task to transcribe and arrange these tunes - OMG.
May 24 2012
at 11:29 AM
Bookmark and Share Interesting choice of tunes... Afternoon, now there’s a little Pat gem no one mentions. You, is a thing of great beauty. Hearing that live back in 2002, shivers just thinking about it. I’ve done the odd Pat big band chart myself you know. Very pleased with my arrangements of Extradition, Unity Village, Song for Bilbao, Timeline and Lone Jack.
May 23 2012
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the heads up on this title...Just ordered it today. The first one is great...I love Big Band and Bob Curnow’s L.A. Big Band is terrific.
May 21 2012
at 3:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Here are the tunes he does: The Sierra charts available from the recording: A Place in the World Follow Me Wherever You Go James The Gathering Sky You And Then I Knew Afternoon As It Is Chet’s Call The Heat of the Day
May 21 2012
at 3:08 PM
Bookmark and Share I have the first one and enjoyed it. Please share your reviews and compare the two.
May 20 2012
at 2:42 PM
Bookmark and Share I got mine thru You can also order the big band charts for the tunes . . . I ordered on Thursday, it arrived on Saturday.
May 20 2012
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks ChickB
May 19 2012
at 7:25 PM
Bookmark and Share go to thr bob curnow site....15.00 dollars plus shipping
May 18 2012
at 4:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Stevee23: This sounds great, but I am wondering where you saw it. I looked on iTunes and Amazon and neither have it listed.
May 18 2012
at 5:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Great & interesting news!
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