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Tom Rudd
May 16 2012
at 6:14 AM
Getting sleepy around here. Any Joe Bonamassa Fans out there? Good Stuff!
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May 23 2012
at 12:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, been a Joe B. fan for quite some time. The "kid" can sure play. Amazing sound, feel,and knowledge of the quitar. Just saw the Live @ Beacon Theater and was blown away.
May 21 2012
at 3:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, sir. Saw Joe open for the Allman Bros in Collingswood, NJ of all places years ago and have been a fan since. I also enjoy his Black Country Communion project hittin’ some hard rock.
May 16 2012
at 6:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Joe’s live from the Beacon NYC good stuff man
May 16 2012
at 2:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Joe is the bombmamassa man. That guy gets incredible tone.
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