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SUBJECT: Hey, Chick, where’s yer coconuts?!!! Back to Subjects
May 05 2012
at 5:09 AM
Conversation in our house last night: Me - "I booked a ticket for Chick Corea at the London Jazz Festival today"....partner Tracy - "oh, Chick Corea and the Coconuts?"......what can you possibly say to that?!!!!! We’ve only been together for 16 years, obviously it’s going to take a while before who all these jazz guys are, finally sinks in!! Christian McBride and Brian Blade are with him, should be good, I hope he does Stool Pigeon!....
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May 07 2012
at 8:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Yeah,my wife is not too into jazz either.Most of my listening is ipod on headphones or in the car to work and back.
May 06 2012
at 2:01 PM
Bookmark and Share She’s never going to take enough interest to know who all these guys are but her jazz claim to fame is being nearly knocked over by Ron Carter climbing up onstage with his double bass one time at the Blue Note when we were on holiday in NY! I didn’t plan the week around jazz gigs, they just "happened" to be on when we were there......honest!
Tom Rudd
May 06 2012
at 1:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Haaa! Same problem Harn, welcome to the club!
May 05 2012
at 3:54 PM
Bookmark and Share This justifies the question: whatever happened to Kid Creole?
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