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SUBJECT: Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela - Hands Back to Subjects
Mar 14 2011
at 6:24 PM
Dave Holland, one of my favourite musicians (Not For Nothin’ and Prime Directive are aweome) has released a record along with guitarrist and flamenco great. Pepe Habichuela. The album sounds very flamenco. Lots of clapping, cajón and jaleos. But I think it’s worth litsen. You can check it in Spotify.
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Mar 16 2011
at 8:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Antoñete, try and catch them live if possible. I’ve not heard the cd yet but saw them a few months ago. I always wonder about these kinds of projects but this one works seamlessly. Great passionate music with musicianship of the highest order. Cheers John
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