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SUBJECT: How many Pat or PMG concerts have you seen? Back to Subjects
Apr 12 2012
at 2:28 PM
I’ve seen Pat 11 times through the years.The first time was the "Offramp" tour.The last time was "Orchestrion".All great concerts! One that stands out in memory (although they all stand out in one way or another)was the "First Circle" concert.I had not heard the recording and they started with "Forward March".They all came marching with their drums down the aisle with Pat making sounds on his synth and then Lyle marches out playing trumpet.I was thinking "WTF"? I still crack upwhen I think about it.How about you? How many times? Memories?
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May 09 2012
at 8:24 PM
Bookmark and Share by the last count it was in the 60’s. yeah, i know, i’m nuts. anybody heard the newly found wes cd?
Rob B in CT
May 07 2012
at 6:32 PM
Bookmark and Share We’re fortunate to have Pat perform pretty regularly in the northeast. I’d estimate an average of two shows a year since seeing him with Gary Burton back in 1975. About 75 shows in total as a guess.
May 07 2012
at 8:49 AM
Bookmark and Share 20 or so in various gatherings; kind of lost count. First was in ’76 when he was with Burton on the ECM tour. Later with Joni’s, then Magician’s in Tulsa, Red Rocks, little halls, bigger auditoriums, etc. He can play the guitar pretty good.
May 02 2012
at 12:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Nineteen tickets since 1987. Eleven PMG, the rest various configurations. Number 20 is scheduled to the Unity Band at Umbria Jazz in Perugia this summer. A dream come true seeing Pat in Italy.
May 02 2012
at 7:51 AM
Bookmark and Share only maybe a half dozen times. two stand out the most. the first was during the Travels tour. the group came to Milwaukee, WI. the concert was held at the Milwaukee County Zoo. the night was hot and humid and the Group WAS HOT! towards the end of the show, due to the high humidity and dew point i guess, a natural fog began rolling across the stage. no, this was not any special effects being used but if they were being used it couldn’t have been done any better. the fog gave an etherial feeling to the show and music being played. the second show was in Lexixngton KY during the WLH tour. the show was a mid week show. as i worked thru the day i became ever anxious to get there. late in the afternoon my wife calls me in a panic saying she could not find the tickets. naturally, i became pretty tense. could not think of anything to do but go to the venue and plead our case. thankfully, the people at the arena could see that my wife was bent and not lying about having tickets for the show and losing them and they gave us new seats. don’t know if the tixs we originally had were in the same general area but where we were seated were awesome. mid stage about 15 rows from the front. GREAT SHOW. still can’t find the original tickets for that show but i guess they are somewhere where everything else that disappears at home ends up. maybe one day they will show up!
May 01 2012
at 9:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I have truly lost count. 20?
May 01 2012
at 6:34 PM
Bookmark and Share four in Toronto Canada
May 01 2012
at 5:56 PM
Bookmark and Share easily 20 or that stands out was at a little club called Hunts in Burlington VT, it was the original line up with Gottlieb and Egan....they played their asses off (American Garage tour) memory from that night was they played "House Of The Rising Sun" which took the roof off the place and when they finished the tune Pat said "don’t tell anyone we played that " !! It was awesome! And a good laugh...
Apr 29 2012
at 5:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Five.
Apr 28 2012
at 7:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Couple of dozen or so, from Burton’s band on the ’76 ECM tour to Joni’s ’79 tour then Magician’s Theater in Tulsa, Red Rocks, various venues and shows in between. I try to see Pat whenever I can. (a new PMG will be sweet... ;))
Apr 26 2012
at 11:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Great question which got me thinking, the number is 19 but I have a feeling I may be forgetting something here. I have seen Pat in some cool places it looks like this. Metheny Scofield - Jazz Fest Nice 94 PMG We Live Here - Massey Toronto 95 Metheny & Haden - Montreal Jazz Fest 97 Metheny, Johnson, Haynes - Montreal Jazz Fest 97 PMG Imaginary Day Massey Toronto 98 PMG Imaginary Day Molson Amph Toronto 99 PM Trio 99-00 - Guvernment Toronto 00 PMG Speaking Now 02 San Javier Jazz Fest PMG Speaking Now 02 Madrid PMG The Way Up Madrid 05 PMT Cordoba 06 Metheny Meldhau London 07 Metheny Meldhau Madrid (Galapager) 07 PMT Day Trip Madrid 08 Orchestrion Madrid 10 Orchestrion Valladolid 10 PMT Zaragoza 11 PMT Seville 11 PMT Madrid 11 My biggest regret though is not having been in Europe for the 2000 Brecker, Metheny, Goldings, Stewart band. That is one of my all time favourite bands and the shows they put on (and whose many recordings exist in great sound) are amongst my favourites to listen to. Anyhow, hopefully I will make it to Vitoria this summer for the Unity Band to make it 20. HS
Apr 25 2012
at 11:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Once, doesn’t come down under very often.
Apr 24 2012
at 2:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve lost count as well, but more than 20 for sure. Seadogs’s comments about the variety of venues made me think about the different place’s Pat’s played in Toronto...Convocation Hall (my first PMG concert), Ontario Place Forum, Roy Thompson Hall, Massey Hall, Molson Amphitheatre, The Guvernment, Hummingbird Centre, The Four Seasons Centre. One of the coolest for me was not really a concert, but the Synclavier Clinic in Toronto. I can’t remember the year or the venue name (I do have the ticket stub but it doesn’t have the details), but seeing and hearing Pat demo the Synclavier in such a unique setting was awesome.
Apr 24 2012
at 1:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Only 1 time. In Chile April 28, 1996. Pat Metheny Group, We live here South American Tour. Amazing. I was only 13 years old at the time. We are waiting for 16 years. I hope that next year go to Chile.
Apr 24 2012
at 5:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Fifteen and counting. Never missed a UK visit, expect the Gary Burton quartet. Best of the lot would have to be Imaginary Day. Small venue, standing downstairs. The band were very ’on’ that night and everyone was buzzing afterwards. Tix were only about 14 quid as well. Least brilliant would be Secret Story - too much bottled orchestra for my liking. Though I did get to meet Pat afterwards. Another weird one was the Trio at the de Montford Hall in Leicester. Almost the whole front stalls are was empty, while the raked area at the back was all filled up. Presumably a ticketing mistake. It buggered the atmosphere anyway. And Larry broke a string, so Pat took an impromptu request, which lightened the vibe quite a lot.
Apr 23 2012
at 6:36 PM
Bookmark and Share At least 16 times, starting with the Still Life and Letter from Home tours in Miami, Secret Story in Ft. Lauderdale, We Live Here in LA, San Francisco, and Berkeley, Imaginary Day in Saratoga (where the DVD was made) twice, Speaking of Now twice, or was it three times?, Orchestrion in Berkeley and Eugene, OR, The Way Up twice, and last October in Santa Monica, with Larry Grenadier. In other words, not often enough!
Apr 22 2012
at 12:03 AM
Bookmark and Share started back in the 80’s at the Greek Theater in LA with the American Garage tour..been going ever since :)
Apr 21 2012
at 10:11 PM
Bookmark and Share short answer is not enough; hard to quench the craving. Have seen him in every Toronto visit since First Circle, except I missed the Imaginary Day tour. + also saw him once in Buffalo with Gary Burton. Tis a wonder every time. Please come to Toronto soon!
Apr 21 2012
at 7:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I estimate about 28 times since 1989(PMG). Saw his trio with Roy Haynes in 1990 at the Paradise in Boston, with Derek Baily in 1996 at the Knitting Factory, then with marc Johnson and Roy Haynes for two nights at a place called "Club Soda" in Montreal, at Scullers with Roy Haynes in 1996. One of the most amazing PMG shows was the summer of 1998 at the Harbor Lights Pavilion in Boston (just amazing!). Haven’t missed a show since 1989. Will be seeing the Unity band twice this summer.
Tom Rudd
Apr 19 2012
at 10:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Pretty much same as me Seadog. I remember seeing pat perform at all these venues you have mentioned. First time for me was at the Jazz Workshop on Boylston. Right after the release of Bright Size Life. Actually i remember buying the record after seeing the show. Attending Berklee at the time I remember a huge buzz in the Boston music community about Pat. I remember once at Nightstage when Mike Metheny sat in. Those were such great shows in that period of time from 76 to 80.
Apr 17 2012
at 3:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Have lost count since 1976/77ish, well over 30. I was struck by the various venues and settings... ECM Jazz Festival, Pooh’s, Boston Commons, Scullers (sitting in with Roy Haynes, magical), Boston Opera House, Mechanics Hall Worcerster, Somerville Theater, Harvard Square Theater, Orpheum Theater (where else can you still find the a same piece of disgusting chewing gum stuck to your chair that was there in 1974), Nightstage, Ryles Upstairs. I think he’s played just about every stage in Boston except for a couple of Berklee students basements. Am waiting in great anticipation for Newport Jazz Festival in August. On a warm summers afternoon under brilliant skies, it doesn’t get much better for jazz fans.
Apr 17 2012
at 8:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Lost count, but any time he appeared in some form in the Cleveland area. From the late 70’s at the old Agora Ballroom to the Orchestrion tour at the Lorain Civic Theater and many other Cleveland locations in between: Music Hall, Severance Hall, and outdoor at the Natica Stage. Not sure how touring is arranged, but during the past 10 years or so, Pat seems to avoid the Cleveland area. Hope that is not by choice but due to scheduling difficulties.
Apr 16 2012
at 2:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Once at Wolf Trap, Va.for the Secret Story tour and twice at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, Va. for the "We Live Here" tour and The Way Up tour. Of course all three were excellent.
Apr 16 2012
at 11:06 AM
Bookmark and Share I really don’t know how many times, but I know the number is somewhere between 20 & 30. I have been a faithful follower since First Circle and will travel whenever I can to see Pat in any configuration. I saw The Way Up tour four times (along the west coast) and each gig was amazing in its own way.
Apr 16 2012
at 6:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Catching any PM live is a major challenge in my little corner of the world. But I`ve seen two PMG shows in Oslo, late eighties, and of course when Pat came to Tromsø in 2003 with Tromdheim Jazz Orchestra. He loves Tromsø, you know, just listen to the song :)
Tom Rudd
Apr 16 2012
at 6:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Metheny Holland haynes at the Paradise! How did I miss that one Bluepno.
Apr 15 2012
at 11:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Only twice. The first time was at the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley. I don’t remember the year, early eighties I think. PMG was with Nana Vasconcelos and played tunes from Offramp, the white album & ASWSFWF. The second time was at Napa Opera house - Orchestrion. Both were great performances.
Apr 15 2012
at 7:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Only 4: nyc in 80, Nashville in 86, Florence Italy in 2002, and greenville sc in 2007 at a fine establishment called "The Handlebar"
Apr 15 2012
at 1:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Hard to remember but I’d guess a couple dozen or so...
Apr 15 2012
at 12:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Only seven so far including Pat with Brad Mehldau’s group.Most involved substantial travel and well worth it. I’m hoping to see the Unity Band in the Bay Area on the next tour.
Apr 14 2012
at 10:26 PM
Bookmark and Share some where between 65 and 70 since 1980,,,,planning on the whole west coast swing, with the unity band
Apr 14 2012
at 6:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I missed out on the First Circle tour and Still Life tour. With the latter, Brecker and Stern, with Calderazzo and Nussbaum were playing the same night within two miles of PMG and I had been so blown away by MB’s first solo album I felt I had to go. It was great but when I got home I met my brothers who’d been at PMG’s SLT gig and were in some kind of trance, and then I knew I’d missed something incredible. But two years later the LFH tour came to town and I still feel it was the most enjoyable gig I’ve ever attended.
Apr 14 2012
at 6:41 PM
Bookmark and Share 18 times for me from 1982 (I think) to 2010. Keeps me happy!
Apr 14 2012
at 9:23 AM
Bookmark and Share One more sweet one was the Metheny,Holland,Haynes gig at the Paradise down by BU...gotta love those small clubs.
Apr 13 2012
at 4:04 PM
Bookmark and Share More than the fingers on both hands. The wildest was Pat sitting in with a rock band in the north woods of Connecticut. We heard that he might show up. He did. He played a Hendrix tribute that evening that blew away the biker crowd.The Dreams So Real gig was at The Kingswood School in West Hartford Conn...hometown of Mr. Brad Mehldau.Will the circle be Unbroken? My buddy and I were refreshing our memories over a couple of beers behind Symphony Hall, Boston last night.Good times.The Speaking of Now tour show at the Orpheum in Boston was another great one...(One more) Pat playing with the original quartet at Bushnell Park Hartford free summer concert series was to die for...I could keep rattling on... Thanks Pat.
Apr 13 2012
at 2:48 PM
Bookmark and Share 17 times over the past 25 years.Concerts in Arizona,Utah,California and Florida.Favorite show was 2002 speaking of now tour at House of Blues in Orlando,Florida,packed house and they blew the roof of the place that night.The band was in top form,well I guess they always are but this night was special the vibe was great.
Apr 13 2012
at 12:53 PM
Bookmark and Share 16 if you count Joni Mitchell’s S&L tour. 17 will be the Unity Band show in August. Keep touring Pat and I’ll keep comin’!
Apr 13 2012
at 12:51 PM
Bookmark and Share First Time in 1977 or 1978, last time Larry Grenadier and Pat. I also lost count. My guess would be about forty times.
Apr 13 2012
at 11:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Three times in total, twice in a trio format and once with the PMG.
Apr 13 2012
at 8:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Well hell, today is not my day. Meant to post that The Way Up was my last PMG concert, not Speaking of Now, but posted it on another subject.
Tom Rudd
Apr 13 2012
at 5:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Lost count, I know it over 30 anyway.
Apr 13 2012
at 2:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Every tour since Still Life, provided PM, PMG or another setting performed in Holland.
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