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SUBJECT: It’s impossible to play or sing prettier Back to Subjects
Mar 13 2011
at 6:05 PM
“Have you ever heard someone play prettier?” asked Charlie Haden in Barcelona, back in 2.003 right after Pat finished his rendition of “Two for the road”. I was in my car this afternoon listening Miles Davis play at the beginning of “Autumn leaves” in Cannonbal Adderly’s “Somethin’ Else” when I thought “it is impossible to play prettier” and then remembered Charlie’s words. Instants later, there he was. George Benson in my car, playing the main melody of “California Dreamin’” taken from “White rabbit”. And I thought again, the same. Then I started to remember other moments when every note, every blow or every chord are so inspired that they couldn’t possibly sound better: Pat and Lyle in September 15th or in Letter from home. Or Ella Fitzgerald singing this: “Like the beat beat beat of the tom-tom When the jungle shadows fall Like the tick tick tock of the stately clock As it stands against the wall Like the drip drip drip of the raindrops When the summer shower is through So a voice within me keeps repeating you, you, you Night and day, you are the one…”,
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Jun 07 2011
at 11:08 AM
Bookmark and Share this reminds me of what Fred calls "music as good as it gets".
Mar 14 2011
at 11:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Keith Jarrett on any ballad-type of music.
Mar 14 2011
at 11:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Antonete, I certainly agree with you with regard to Ella Fitzgerald.
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