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Mar 02 2012
at 11:24 PM
I’m very interested in how PMG (especially) is able to achieve such a high standard of fidelity, epic production and the gear and mixing concepts used to arrive at that end. I worship Rob Eaton’s mixing (and all that it entails) but I wish there was more info on it besides one article from 2005 in Mix magazine. Geekily, I really want to know things like what exact reverbs are being used, EQing, compression, and overall mixing concepts (how the ride cymbal always sounds so good!). There is some stuff out there on Pat’s guitar sound (great!) but not enough on all else!
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Mar 03 2012
at 9:49 AM
Bookmark and Share you should go to a live show and talk to david oates, the guy w/ the white hair and beard running the sound board he’s extremely friendly and willing to to talk about all the things you’re interested in. post what you find out.
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