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Tom Rudd
Feb 29 2012
at 12:11 PM
RIP I always thought you were cool Daydream Believer!
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Mar 09 2012
at 4:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Yep, I saw Peter Tork and his own band in OKC around 1983-ish..He had very good style and musicianship. Oh, and its Mickey’s BD today, 09 March - 67!
Mar 07 2012
at 3:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Years ago I saw Peter Tork and The Monks at a small club that I used to frequent. This was around ’80 or ’81 maybe? They were pretty good but didn’t last very long as a band.
Mar 07 2012
at 7:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Peter Tork was my favorite Monkee...even back then I realized how messed up their tv program was....Thanks for all the good times Davey. Best Song probably (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone.I think the drummer sang lead on it.
Mar 06 2012
at 8:30 PM
Bookmark and Share The Monkees had some of the best produced LP’s ever; along with some of the greatest musicians on them. RIP David Thomas Jones. You will be missed.
Mar 03 2012
at 8:56 PM
Bookmark and Share One of my very favorite teen memories.
Mar 02 2012
at 11:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Cheer Up Sleepy Jean....I still remember the beginning of the show when they were walking in unison along the beach, then wiped out by a wave...RIP DJ
Mar 02 2012
at 9:10 AM
Bookmark and Share RIP. I used to watch the show too - I liked it for a while, then it kind of became unfashionable. The group really got slammed (and rightly so) but individually, and outside the group, they actally had some talent.
Mar 02 2012
at 1:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Yep, my first album ever was a Monkees’ one. Zany, funny TV show too. All spoke of a time....
Mar 01 2012
at 1:39 PM
Bookmark and Share This was very sad news. I was a kid and watched their show like most did back then. Very sad loss, RIP.
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