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Feb 26 2012
at 1:52 PM
I broke out Q&A and listened to it throughout the past few days. I am still amazed after all these years how impressive Metheny,Holland and Haynes were for such a unrehearsed session.Pat is totally on top of his game, invigorated and inspired . There’s so many great songs, but my favorite is 3 Flights Up. It has held that spot from the first time I heard it.What’s your favorite trio song?
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Mar 08 2012
at 11:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Daytrip title track. Awesome
Mar 07 2012
at 11:21 AM
Bookmark and Share substitute John Scofield for Pat on Roy Haynes’ album "Love Letters" - they do a killer cover of Afro Blue
Mar 04 2012
at 10:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Q&A continues to be my favorite among Pat’s many brilliant trio recordings. "Q&A" itself I think is one of Pat’s all time greatest compositions. "Never too Far Away" is a sentimental favorite of mine due to the fact I’ve seen Pat play it on the last tour with Larry from about three feet away and was mezmerized. My favorite must be "Change of Heart" though. From the first time I heard that tune I was soothed and enchanted by the interplay between the players. When I have a terrible day at work I put on Q&A for the drive home and listen to Change of Heart repeatedly and my the time I arrive home my world is righted.
Mar 03 2012
at 9:23 AM
Bookmark and Share "Confessione E addio" by Antonio Farao’s trio in the CD "Woman’s perfume" is really beautiful...
Mar 02 2012
at 7:24 PM
Bookmark and Share So it may secretly begin: I never liked the studio version but as a trio pm plays the ef out of it trio live
Mar 01 2012
at 1:42 PM
Bookmark and Share I really REALLY wish they had given "Question and Answer" the deluxe treatment like was done with "Song X" but alas, they didn’t. I’m still disappointed, I think Q & A is one of Metheny’s finest records ever.
Mar 01 2012
at 7:58 AM
Bookmark and Share John Abercrombie, Timeless...with Jan Hammer and Jack DeJohnette.
Mar 01 2012
at 7:29 AM
Bookmark and Share "Q&A" Trio--Live
Feb 29 2012
at 1:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I haven’t ONE favourite trio song. I like the trio with Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette and Gary Peacock, and the version of "You’ve changed" in the CD "Yesterdays".
Feb 29 2012
at 11:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry, I meant this to be open to all trio albums.
Feb 29 2012
at 8:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Change of Heart. Listening to this again I’m struck by how great the interplay is between these 3 musicians and how strong each of them sound individually. Roy Haynes has an almost telepathic connection with Pat. This really is a mind-blower of an album.
Feb 28 2012
at 7:25 PM
Bookmark and Share H & H
Feb 28 2012
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share you mean from this album or any of Pat’s trios ?
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