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Feb 13 2012
at 2:23 PM
I reckon that Pat has released roughly the same amount of albums on the three main labels - ECM, Geffen, Warners/Nonesuch. All brilliant I know, but dare I ask if you have a favourite and how would you contrast the three periods?
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Feb 23 2012
at 10:14 AM
Bookmark and Share at thehague : No It’s ok ! It’s the CD "What’s It All About" by Pat Metheny. The label is Nonesuch Records.
Feb 22 2012
at 7:10 AM
Bookmark and Share Cheers, John!!!
Feb 21 2012
at 3:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Johnny Walker Black Label.
Feb 20 2012
at 3:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Domi, did you look at the label of the WIAA cd?
Feb 17 2012
at 12:14 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s ECM too ! Pat has recorded only at ECM ? (sorry for my english, I’m french)
Feb 17 2012
at 8:45 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s ECM in a landslide. I agree with the concensus. Sound quality seems better too.
Feb 17 2012
at 2:40 AM
Bookmark and Share ECM for me. That`s where I first found Pat. Also I think Mannfred Eicher is a true visionary when it comes to giving fresh and "undiscovered" artists their first chance.
Feb 16 2012
at 11:35 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve always favored ECM. They have the best album covers...the music has always been of the highest artistic merit also. Bonus!!!
mario toni
Feb 15 2012
at 3:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Tuff, but I would also say ECM!
Feb 15 2012
at 2:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Each and every period is very precious. I cherish the ECM period the most because of the clarity of sound, the spontaneity, because it was innovative back then and it still sounds new. And because Pat and the band members sounded as if they were saying "you ain’t heard nothing yet, we are the promise". And they were indeed. And maybe because I am a sentimental bastard.
Feb 15 2012
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I just think ECM is one of the worlds’ greatest record labels period. Metheny may be long gone from the label but ECM continues to showcase the best of modern music. I’m an ECM fanboy, what can I say lol.
Tom Rudd
Feb 15 2012
at 7:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Like Bluepno I have enjoyed them all. Most listened to would probably be ECM
Feb 14 2012
at 8:42 AM
Bookmark and Share I have enjoyed the complete journey...many of the albums are a soundtrack for special personal events.I am expecting the best is yet to come.
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