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SUBJECT: Surprise in the Pat/Larry US Tour Back to Subjects
Jan 17 2012
at 7:58 PM
I am still amazed at what happened towards the end of the set. I don’t want to elaborate too much for those who still have yet to experience the upcoming tour but I was just wondering, does anyone have any info on what was done? Has this been done before on a past tour? Perhaps on the Orchestrion Tour? I’m sorry if I missed it and this was mentioned on a previous post. Any thoughts would be great appreciated. Thanks for reading. Shawn
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Jan 22 2012
at 11:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you so much Tom for your response. Wow I am so hoping to experience that again, maybe on the Orchestrion DVD. It was so very cool indeed. Pat is an ultimately true genius.
Tom Rudd
Jan 18 2012
at 9:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes Shawn, What you experienced were a few elements from the Orchestrion Tour. Very Cool! This was being kept a surprise for most of the US tour, but ultimately media reviews leaked it out.
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