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Tom Rudd
Jan 13 2012
at 8:45 AM
Looking forward to hearing their new release. I like the new single "Tattoo" Eddie Rocks once again!!
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Tom Rudd
Jan 17 2012
at 6:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Great to hear that about Eddie! It always made me sad that such a brilliant guitarist had so many problems.
Jan 16 2012
at 11:21 AM
Bookmark and Share It will be interesting to hear how the new cd sounds. I’m going to the Toronto show (and maybe others). Apparently the cd launch show in NYC was excellent. Here’s a quote from one of many positive reviews: "Eddie van Halen looked GREAT and sounded f************g brilliant. His guitar tone was amazing, and he smiling the whole night. Long gone was the miserable musician savaged by alcohol abuse. Here was a revitalized virtuoso, looking healthy... hitting each chord brilliantly. There was a fire in Eds’ eye not seen almost 30 years. Van Halen was back! Eddie was reborn!!!"
Jan 15 2012
at 5:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I will be picking it up as tickets for their March 9th show in Buffalo!!!!
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