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Dec 29 2011
at 3:50 PM
Mine definitely is ’All we are saying’ - Bill Frisell. Yours?
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Jan 18 2012
at 11:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Charles Lloyd - Athens Concert is pretty amazing.
Jan 18 2012
at 10:08 AM
Bookmark and Share It is What’s It All About for me
Jan 17 2012
at 12:47 PM
Bookmark and Share The Miles in Europe ought to count I’d hope. It was tremendous and it’s only the first of a series of live recordings so they say.
Jan 16 2012
at 11:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Does the Miles, Live in Europe box set count?
Jan 13 2012
at 10:18 AM
Bookmark and Share A tie between Christian McBride Big Band - The Good Feeling, Pat Metheny - What’s It All About, and the new (not Jazz, I know) Foo Fighters record - Wasting Light.
Jan 13 2012
at 8:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Faithful, and then, What’s it all about...... Both real keepers!
Jan 13 2012
at 6:57 AM
Bookmark and Share For me definitely Joachim Kühn "Sound Time". But WIAA is on the top 5.
Jan 12 2012
at 8:37 PM
Bookmark and Share How about the five best: WIAA James Farm Common Ground Rio Alma Adentro (Miguel Zenon) (not necessarily in this order)
Jan 12 2012
at 2:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Paul Simon - "So Beautiful Or So What" Ironically, my second and third place records were made by Paul’s wife: "Edie Brickell" (eponymous) "The Gaddabouts" Other worthy releases in 2011: Pat’s "What’s It All About" Keith Jarrett - "Rio" Haden/Motian/Konitz/Mehldau - "Live At Birdland" Tom Waits - "Bad As Me"
Jan 08 2012
at 6:28 PM
Bookmark and Share paul simon.
mario toni
Jan 05 2012
at 6:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Wasilewski and after that Burton’s Common Ground!
Jan 03 2012
at 12:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Here’s a vote for Forever, with the emphasis being on the acoustic trio selections from the 2 disc set. Chick Corea has aged as well as anyone ever has in jazz.Better than ever.
Jan 01 2012
at 10:42 PM
Bookmark and Share It is What’s It All About for me, by a country mile. While the Frisell record is very nice, I have reached my limit I am afraid with him, they all blur together for me now. Metheny’s emotion is a limitless pool for me, each record is a distinct color. I thought the Joshua Redman James Farm record was good and also Keith Jarrett Rio. But I can say without hesitation that WIAA will be regarded as a classic in years to come, which is what I look for in music, that timeless quality.
Dec 31 2011
at 1:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Things could be a lot worse than trying to decide between Frisell and Wasilewski. Pretty good year me thinks. Here’s hoping the new year brings more great stuff!
Dec 31 2011
at 8:49 AM
Bookmark and Share SFJazz Collective/Music of Stevie Wonder. Totally hip version of "Superstition" among others.
Dec 31 2011
at 8:16 AM
Bookmark and Share That Marcin Wasilewski Trio album would be my choice too. An overwhelming choice actually.
Chris Digger
Dec 31 2011
at 7:28 AM
Bookmark and Share WIAA - Pat Metheny, closely followed by Voice - Hiromi.
Dec 30 2011
at 10:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Common Ground
Dec 30 2011
at 3:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Julian Lage - "Gladwell"
Dec 30 2011
at 8:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Well -m, it was kind of a close draw for me. Marcin’s cd is among the very very best. Ever. PS hope you had a nice dinner :).
Dec 29 2011
at 11:34 PM
Bookmark and Share I was just listening to ’All we are saying...’ while eating dinner and I do agree that it is top tier in all respects. However, this year my favorite, over all, is Marcin Wasilewski Trio: Faithful.
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