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Mar 06 2011
at 8:48 PM
Last night at a SF Jazz show (in San Francisco) Kenny Werner with Scott Colley, David Sanchez, Randy Brecker and Antonio Sanchez played for 2 1/2 hours to a very appreciative,though not sold - out crowd. The entire set was incredible, but it was one of the last songs, "Class Dismissed" that really got everyone’s juices going. Antonio proved once again that he is one of the most creative and exciting drummers around today. He captivated all of us during a 4 minute drum solo. David and Brecker really complimented each other and Werner showed us all that he still has his stuff. What a fantastic concert!
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s in Boston
Mar 09 2011
at 10:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow. Thanks, mugsy. I will have to get that CD.
Mar 08 2011
at 9:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Ah, so that’s what it is. Thanks John, I thought he had a tin leg!
Mar 08 2011
at 12:24 AM
Bookmark and Share BTW - this same line-up but with John Patitucci on bass instead of Colley is on Werner’s new CD Balloons - which comes out next Tuesday. They were selling it at the concert and it is really pretty awesome. Four songs - each about 15 min. on average.
Mar 08 2011
at 12:19 AM
Bookmark and Share "John" - no, he did not use the cowbell, but did some fancy work on the high-hat and also lots of cymbal work. It was pretty amazing.
Mar 07 2011
at 8:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Did he use the cowbell? Cheers John
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