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Dec 10 2011
at 11:18 AM
I was watching the More Travels tape this morning. During the Song Half Life of Absolution I noticed that Pat covered the lower protion of his guitar while, what appeared to me, programming it for the song. Does anyone out there have any input as to if there was/is any reason for doing this? Has anyone noticed this being done during concerts?
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Dec 12 2011
at 3:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice song! One of my favorites...and with a unique melody. I don’t know why but this song always reminds me of John McLaughlin which I used to listen a lot.
Dec 11 2011
at 1:08 PM
Bookmark and Share I believe that this is the guitar that he had controls for the synclavier installed on. He was probably adjusting the sound(s). You can see it in action here: v=vr78ISrTElE
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