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Dec 07 2011
at 1:55 AM
After listening to Travels and What’s it all about I decided to purchase my first guitar. Yes after 52 years and never playing an instrument, I couldn’t wait any longer. I start lessons next week and I am sure it is going to be a struggle. That’s what it is all about, start living or do nothing and die. I Know the guitar will make it( I purchased an acoustic electric Martin) which I love, just hope I can play it in a few years.
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Dec 11 2011
at 12:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Life begins at 52! At least that`s what I thought when I just purchased a new (used) drum kit... Maybe I`ll pick up the guitar as well..?
s in Boston
Dec 08 2011
at 4:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Cool, man! Enjoy it, and be patient. Just enjoy making beautful sounds on the thing, even if you can’t play all the notes you wish you could.
Dec 08 2011
at 12:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Welcome ’more1’, sounds like you are already a fellow ’Musician’ by your mindset. Remember to enjoy this path you’ve started and check out all the creative areas you’ll pass through. As long as you can work through the initial ’frustrations’ (as we all did) and focus on the fact that even if you don’t see your progress, your are still learning, you’ll be ok. This is a process that is fueled by your desire to make the journey, so don’t let it become a chore, look forward to the challenges as each challenge is an opportunity to ’dig’ deeper and ’find’ more music! Finally, when you take your lessens keep in mind that your instructor is like a guide ... when you are practicing ’you’ are the ’teacher’. Be patient with yourself and let your curiosity lead you through. Wishing you the best and I hope we get a chance to play together at some day!
Dec 08 2011
at 12:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Don’t feel too badly, I’ve just had my first guitar lessons at 55!!! Promised myself I would start at 50 but always late in taking things up. I now bang out a few tunes which is a real delight. Not quite up to Pat’s standard ...Just keep at it, nothing better than playing a few chords and then finding some more ...
Dec 08 2011
at 9:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Go for it...1.Practice the basics (scales ,arpeggios, chord theory and harmony)... it is the vocabulary of western music...2. get a good teacher to guide you through the pitfalls and show you the most efficient way to learn...yes. there are best practices.3. Soon you will have the skills (1.5- 2 years depending on effective time spent with the instrument) to build your own sound. As an adult it may be sooner. 4. Enjoy...
Dec 08 2011
at 3:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the encouraging words everyone, I will work hard at it.
Dec 07 2011
at 5:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey "more 1", congratulations! A great first step and I wish you all the best. I took up the piano about five years ago, and it has been quite a struggle for me, but am having fun also. I will never compete with Lyle or Brad, but it is an adventure and I will never be sorry for starting it up -even at 60!
Dec 07 2011
at 2:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Go for it! And best of luck.
Tom Rudd
Dec 07 2011
at 10:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Good for you ! Love hearing stories like that. Take it slow at first, don’t get discouraged and you will be fine. You will be playing before you know it !
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