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Mar 06 2011
at 11:54 AM
I was lucky enough to catch a phenomenal classical guitarist by the name of Jason Vieaux last night with the Reading Symphony Orchestra. In his bio I saw that he had made a cd of some of Pat’s music in 05. I had a chance after the show to speak to him about the project and he said Pat was really happy with his renditions. I immediately came home and ordered a copy for myself. If you get the chance to see Jason in concert, do it. You won’t regret it. I can’t wait to hear the cd. Has anyone else heard it?
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Mar 16 2011
at 2:53 PM
Bookmark and Share I also live in Reading and got to see Jason Vieaux rehearse with the orchestra, though I couldn’t stay for the evening concert. I heard him rehearse the Rodrigo concerto and it sounded fantastic. I’ve heard some of his "Images of Metheny" album, and was inspired to work out a solo version of "Letter From Home". It’s on my YouTube page for anyone who would like to hear it:
Mar 15 2011
at 8:57 AM
Bookmark and Share it’s a genuinely very good cd. i play it often. vieaux is a very fine classical guitarist.
Mar 14 2011
at 9:11 AM
Bookmark and Share The transcriptions of this record could be published in a book. It´s a beautiful CD and the arrangements are amazing.
Mar 11 2011
at 6:07 PM
Bookmark and Share I have the CD, and I love it. It takes Metheny to a pure classical essence. There might be a couple of clunkers on the CD, but the others make up for them.
Mar 08 2011
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Here’s a short review of the cd and bio on Jason for those who are interested:
Mar 08 2011
at 8:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Highly recommend it. His arrangements are great, and technique is amazingly clean and precise. And the recording quality is great, too, recorded in an old church in Cleveland, rather than a studio.
Mar 07 2011
at 4:41 PM
Bookmark and Share I also highly recommend this recording.The transcriptions are beautifully arranged and performed.And also of interest is his baroque style suite based on five of Pats’ songs.
Mar 07 2011
at 10:14 AM
Bookmark and Share The transcriptions are great. Vieaux is flawless.
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