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Dec 03 2011
at 10:48 AM
"Old Wine/New Bossa: Selected Tracks." Makes a great gift! (That is if your friends already have a Chia Pet.) Available at
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Dec 12 2011
at 10:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Great sound...I heard a track yesterday. Flugelhorn to EWI I think.
Tom Rudd
Dec 09 2011
at 5:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry, Back on track. This Sounds like a very nice compilation CD. Is that an EWI I hear on the first track! Love that. Those are not easy to play. Nice version of Farmers Trust on the flugle. Mike is a beautiful player.
Dec 08 2011
at 5:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh man... now look what I’ve started.
Dec 08 2011
at 8:20 AM
Bookmark and Share hey tom, you might be on to something with the chia pets. they could expand their line to include other "hairy" guys like ZZ Top, jerry garcia, albert einstein and the like. i know they could make a cheaper version of a chia of me, wouldn’t need many- or any- seeds. HA!!!!!
Tom Rudd
Dec 07 2011
at 1:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Now a Pat Metheny Chia Pet would be a cool "Stocking Stuffer" ! This way you could grow that great head of hair he’s got! LOL!
Dec 04 2011
at 3:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m there Mike. I haven’t got a chia pet but I’m suddenly feeling like I need one. Even though I don’t know what it is. Looking forward to hearing more great music from ya.
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