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Nov 30 2011
at 3:42 PM
The Pat Metheny Summer Workshop is being made available again this Aug. at Norwich Ct. I was able to attend last Aug. and just want to encourage any who are thinking of attending that this is an opportunity NOT to be missed! As Pat put it,"you get to be his band for the week" awesome is that?!! You really won’t regret if at ALL possible, you should go for it!!
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Jul 25 2012
at 10:48 AM
Bookmark and Share How awesome that Pat & co found a way to keep the summer workshop in CT going in ’12! Is anyone on this list going? I’d like to connect via Facebook (Scott.lichtman)
Feb 26 2012
at 1:44 PM
Bookmark and Share I attended last year and it was one of the coolest experiences for me as a musician to be instructed by Pat, critqued by Pat ( Motivic Development)and actually play in the ensemble and when the part came when Pat stood up and played his Roland for a solo and I realized "Man I am actually playing behind Pat Metheny while he is soloing!" It was like I felt myself lifting up off the floor.
Feb 23 2012
at 5:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Ian, thank you for the information. Could you or someone else who attended last year please let me know (a) how much of the time you were in the room with Pat (as opposed to other teachers) and (b) how much time, if any, you had with Pat in a setting of four attendees or less. Thank you.
Feb 23 2012
at 2:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I would LOVE to be in this workshop, it would be a dream come true, but sadly is too expensive for me, adding the fact that im from Chile. Greetings!
Feb 04 2012
at 8:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I really want to go. Pat with Jim Hall is beyond cool! So many questions. How much actual playing did you get to do? How was the concert set up where you played the new piece of Pat music? Was there an audition process where you had to play in front of your hero? (I’m dreading that, for sure.) Thanks.
Feb 01 2012
at 11:05 AM
Bookmark and Share From what I saw, my guess would be about 65percent middle aged with careers outside of music (they’re the ones who can afford it), 20percent career musicians (mostly music teachers), and 15percent who were under the age of 24. I fall into the 65percent catagory, so maybe I’m biased, but thats what I remember. Other folks might have seen it differently. There was a 17 year old kid from California who was unbelievable.
Jan 31 2012
at 2:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Could one of attendees last year let me know the approximate split of the attendees among (a) players of at least middle age with careers outside music, (b) young students and (c) working musicians? Please feel free to add a category if I missed one. Thank you.
Dec 25 2011
at 4:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Metheny and Dejohnette and Grenadier WITH Jim Hall too? Unbelievable. Too bad I am broke.
Dec 20 2011
at 10:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Cool! If I can cobble together the scratch, I’m gonna do it!
Dec 16 2011
at 6:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Kazoo? I’m signing up!!! Maybe I’ll make the next PMG lineup!
Dec 16 2011
at 11:33 AM
Bookmark and Share there were 2 drummers there last yr. if you’re a drummer or a bassist you’re going to get a couple of hours one on one w/ jack or larry every day. in general if you’re interested in Pat’s music, how he thinks about it, and how he gets his groups to play it you’ll find the workshop interesting. the workshop was about MUSIC, it had virtually nothing to do w/ guitar per se. as a matter of fact i can’t remember a single guitar instruction comment. you could play kazoo and fit right in.
Dec 16 2011
at 8:08 AM
Bookmark and Share There were two drummers at the workshop, and they got to spend a lot of time working with Antonio Sanchez. His master class was excellent by the way. Very cool guy.
Dec 14 2011
at 9:32 AM
Bookmark and Share How many drummers were there last year?
Tom Rudd
Dec 09 2011
at 12:48 PM
Bookmark and Share This workshop is open to intermediate & advanced jazz musicians. If you can read changes and are able to solo (somewhat) over them, you will be all set. I know this because I had guitar student a few years ago that went to this workshop. He loved it, and of course he got to meet Pat.
Dec 06 2011
at 12:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Alan.....perhaps you could call the workshop and see if there is a certain "level" required.....
Dec 06 2011
at 8:07 AM
Bookmark and Share My only problem is with two kids in college justifying a week at a spa...artistically it would be a milestone for me.The workshops I attended at Creative Music in Wetherfireld Conn (back in the day) with Dave Liebman, Ralph Towner, Badal Roy and David Darling were indispensable in gathering formulative materials and building a big view of the world of music. In those days we had the ensembles to go off and play all these ideas.
Dec 05 2011
at 9:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I would love to go to this workshop this summer but I am nervous my ability on the guitar is not that good. I do understand some theory of music and can read notes. Assuming I don’t improve a lot before the summer, would someone of limited ability feel out of place? I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of my hero. lol
Dec 01 2011
at 9:30 AM
Bookmark and Share I am thinking of attending this...thank you for the early notice.
Dec 01 2011
at 8:54 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t think I’m a musician of the caliber needed to be a participant.But,I’d sure like to observe.Could I pretend to be someones’ spouse,parent or partner?(he said with a smile :-)
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