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SUBJECT: Brad Mehldaul, Art of the Trio: Recordings 1996-2001 Back to Subjects
Nov 28 2011
at 5:55 AM
A review of pianist Brad Mehldau’s Art of the Trio: Recordings 1996-2001 today at All About Jazz. A budget-priced seven-disc set that collects all five of his original Art of the Trio albums (Volume 5: Progressions was a double-disc live set), by doing so it makes it easy to see, for the uninitiated, just how and why Mehldau leapt onto the scene so quickly with his original trio, featuring bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jorge Rossy. Mehldau may have balked at early comparisons to Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett, but revisiting this music in concentrated form only serves to clarify why, in retrospect, he was absolutely right in being less than thrilled, despite it being quite the club for a precocious 25 year-old to belong. But the fact is that Mehldau was already a giant in-the-making, and has since become one of his generation’s most (if not the most) influential pianists. More Bach than bop, Mehldau was clearly firmly planted in the tradition even as he was already pushing and pulling at its borders. With a bonus seventh disc that features another five previously unreleased live tracks from 1997-2001, totaling over 43 minutes, it’s as enticing for the committed Mehldau fan as it is those who’ve been wondering what all the fuss was about. Review here: Best!
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