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SUBJECT: Pat’s old Gibson ES-175 Back to Subjects
Mar 03 2011
at 11:39 PM
Hello, Some interesting info about Pat’s Gibson ES-175 for people interested in this kind of stuff: Model: ES-175N Year made: 1960 Serial number: A32764 Owner: Pat Metheny purchased: used for $100 condition: retired modifications: numerous According to Gibson’s own records, Pat’s ES-175 was a rare one to begin with, as there were only 5 Natural single pickup 175’s made that year. 111 double pickup Natural 175’s were also made, and 571 sunburst models...
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Mar 06 2011
at 1:19 AM
Bookmark and Share can’t understand why gibson hasn’t made a replica signature model of it. ibanez contract prohibit it?
Mar 05 2011
at 2:29 PM
Bookmark and Share fendweller: I did not know that...kind of heartbreaking. Makes me think...Pat and the boys were at the tail end of the Vietnam era and were all around 18 right before Nixon ended the draft in 73. I was 15 so I ended up missing out on even having to register. I’m fairly certain that the boys would have all had to register and I’ll bet in the back of their minds they were worried about having to possibly get involved in that crazy conflict. Anyway, didn’t mean to digress but that story about Pat’s original 175 owner really got to me.
Mar 04 2011
at 11:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Far more interesting than any of that (to non guitar buffs) is surely that it belonged to a guy who didn’t come back from Vietnam. Pat’s dad helped him buy it.
Mar 04 2011
at 11:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Really enjoyed that bit of info! I miss that soft, round sound that Pat got on that axe. It’s immediately identifiable when you hear it vs. the drier tone of his Ibanez signature guitar.
Photon Man
Mar 04 2011
at 9:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat has made quite a return on that investment!
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