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Nov 22 2011
at 9:57 PM
Word came this evening of the passing of the great drummer Paul Motian: paul-motian-dies-at-80 Countless albums were graced with his playing, countless musicians (and I don’t doubt that Pat will include himself among them) were graced with his influence and presence, and all of us were fortunate to be able to enjoy his work. A sad loss.
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Nov 26 2011
at 9:15 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t know of recording with Pat and Paul Motian, but Paul Motian was on the 80/81 tour, with Dewey Redman and Charlie Haden. I’ve often wished there were a recording of those dates. There’s a very nice remembrance of Paul Motian on the NPR webpage.
Nov 26 2011
at 6:43 AM
Bookmark and Share I’d be surprised--more like shocked--if Pat never recorded with Motian. But I don’t recall on what recordings. Anybody know? (Live’s another thing; I’m more curious about albums...)
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